Florida Petition against Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline

Update 2016-02-02: Dropoff locations and other updates.

It’s time to get local, state, and federal elected officials to put a stop to the Sabal Trail boondoggle that risks our property rights, rivers, aquifer, and air. You can sign a petition to Florida (or Georgia or Alabama) elected officials by printing out the PDF for you and your neighbors. See below for where to send them.

Or, to sign online, Gulf Restoration Network has put up a handy online form that will send your signature and personalized message directly to your members of Congress.

Here’s the text of the PDF:


Petition Summary and Background: Sabal Trail Transmission LLC, a joint venture of Spectra Energy, NextEra Energy, and Duke Energy, proposes a 36 inch diameter methane gas pipeline to run from southwest Alabama, through south Georgia, and through 12 counties in Florida. We oppose this pipeline for the following reasons (for more detail see /issues/stt/):

  • It provides no benefit to the citizens in the counties that it would traverse, but those citizens would bear the burden of the negative impacts.
  • It is a threat to our Floridan Aquifer, potentially polluting our primary water resource in the state.
  • It is a threat to our health, safety, and air quality from gas leaks, explosions and hazardous compressor station emissions.
  • It is a threat to our natural environment, drilling through wetlands and under rivers.
  • It would transport methane gas that has been obtained by the dirty process of fracking which introduces toxic contaminants into water and air.
  • We need to move now to Solar and Wind Energy as clean, renewable energy resources.

Action petitioned for: We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens of Florida who oppose the Sabal Trail Transmission methane gas pipeline for the above reasons. Rather than continuing to risk our water supply by building new pipelines to transport more fossil fuel into our state, fostering more consumption, we support conservation and investing in clean energy like solar to meet future energy demands. We, the voters of our state, demand that our elected officials act now to oppose the permitting and construction of Sabal Trail Transmission pipeline!

Once again, you can petition your Florida elected officials either of two ways:

  1. Print the PDF for you and your neighbors to sign. You can forward the signed sheets to Deanna Mericle, either by
    • scanning them and emailing them to mericle.deanna@gmail.com
    • or you can snail mail them US Postal Service to:

      Deanna Mericle
      7712 SW 32nd Lane
      Jasper, FL 32052

    She will forward them to Florida members of Congress. Try to get them to her by 13 February 2016.

    There are also petitions for Georgia and Alabama.

  2. Or sign the handy online form Gulf Restoration Network has made available, that will send your signature and personalized message directly to your members of Congress.

Either way, it’s time for Florida members of Congress to speak up like four Georgia Congressmen already have.

WWALS continues to cooperate with Flint Riverkeeper and others in Georgia, with Florida Sierra Club and others in Florida, and with SpectraBusters in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, as well as others farther afield, to stop the unnecessary, destructive, and hazardous Sabal Trail fracked methane boondoggle.


You can join this fun and work by becoming a WWALS member today!

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