Cave Diving Workshop, Lake City, 2016-05-21

If you can’t get to the BIG Little River Paddle Race Saturday at Reed Bingham State Park Saturday morning between Adel and Moultrie, GA, there’s a cave diving workshop in Lake City, FL. And yes, the Paddle Race is still on unless there’s actually lightning, hail, or torrential rain tomorrow morning, and so far that seems unlikely. But you can still paddle at Reed Bingham and go to the social in Lake City tonight, the afternoon part of the Workshop tomorrow, and the rebreather demonstration or spring tours Sunday.

What’s NCS-CDS? National Speleological Society, Cave Diving Section.

Social: 7PM Friday May 20th 2016 at 313 NW Commons Loop, Lake City, FL

Workshop: 8:30 AM – all day Saturday May 21st 2016
at 490 NW Lake Jeffery Rd, Lake City, FL 32055

Rebreather Workshop: 10AM-3PM Sunday May 22nd at Ginnie Springs

Guided Cave Dives: 10AM-3PM Sunday May 22nd at a variety of springs

Online: program

Register: at the door

Thanks: to Ken Sallot of the Falmouth-Cathedral Exploration Project. Ken sent us a lot more information about four miles of exploration of that cave system, which we will be posting. Yes, it crosses under US 90 about where Sabal Trail plans to drill that fracked methane pipeline, and the cave system varies wildly in depth, so Sabal Trail’s flat-top estimate of the cave depth is wildly wrong.


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