WWALS Kayak Raffle Winner Jeffrey Hinson Patton 2017-07-12


Valdosta resident wins WWALS kayak raffle

Valdosta, July 13, 2017 — In a surprise to everyone, out of a box of raffle tickets for people as far as a thousand miles away, the winner was not only from Valdosta, he was in the room! No one was more surprised than winner Jeffrey Hinson Patton, seen here with the kayak he’s named Little Miss Sunshine. We’re sure he and she will be on a river near here soon.

Happy winner Jeffrey Hinson Patton by John S. Quarterman
Jeffrey Hinson Patton, the happy WWALS kayak raffle winner

WWALS board member and Outings Committee Chair Phil Hubbard said, “When I donated the kayak, I thought the raffle would go well, but not this well, with so many tickets and such a happy winner. It’s good to see it went to an active kayaker who will paddle in it.”

WWALS Member and kayak winner Jeffrey Hinson Patton remarked, “I started to drive my car, but then I got the truck because I thought, just in case I win.”

WWALS board member and Treasurer Gretchen Quarterman, a charter board member, remarked, “Best meeting ever!” She had already transcribed all the online tickets onto the same physical cards as all the others. Last night at the Wooden Nickel in Valdosta she shook the tickets thoroughly.

Then WWALS Ambassador Dave Hetzel, who had not bought a raffle ticket, picked the winning ticket.

Dave Hetzel draws the kayak raffle winner
Dave Hetzel draws a kayak raffle ticket.

Dave announced, “Jeff Patton!”

The winner is: Jeff Patton
Dave announces the winner: “Jeff Patton!”

Jeff and everyone cheered. Gretchen said, “I’ve got goosebumps!”

Jeff Patton was pleased

Jeff liked the kayak so much he kissed it.

So pleased he kissed the kayak: Jeff Patton the winner

Suwannee Riverkeeper John S. Quarterman said, “I’ve been a WWALS board member for five years now, and these were great meetings last night, with a happy kayak winner, a lot of business done, and some new committee members to help do more!”

He was referring to the WWALS Annual Membership Meeting and the WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting last night, Wednesday, July 12, 2017, at the Wooden Nickel in Valdosta. The kayak winner was selected at the Annual Meeting, at which the members re-elected two members to the board and added two new ones. Shirley Kokidko from Atkinson County, Georgia and Eileen Box from Suwannee County, Florida were elected each to fill out terms that expire in 2019, and Gretchen Quarterman and John S. Quarterman (both from Lowndes County) were re-elected to three-year terms that expire in 2012 2020.

Board members serve staggered terms, and terms were not up for this year for Bret Wagenhorst and Dave Hetzel (both from Tift County), and Tom Potter and Phil Hubbard (both from Lowndes County). First the members got to hear parts of the Annual Report, and they got copies of the ten-page document, chock-full of activities accomplished, soon to be online.

WWALS Annual Member Meeting
WWALS Annual Member Meeting

Winning ticket Jeffrey Hinson Patton by Gretchen Quarterman
Jeffrey Hinson Patton with the winning kayak raffle ticket and Little Miss Sunshine

Immediately following, the WWALS Board at its Quarterly Meeting elected its officers for annual terms, re-electing John S. Quarterman president, Dave Hetzel Ambassador (VP) and Secretary, and Gretchen Quarterman Treasurer. The current president remarked, “Eventually someone else will become Illustrious Potentate, so start thinking about it.”

At the board meeting, numerous outings and events were discussed, and multiple people joined the committees that are carrying them forward.

WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting
WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting

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