Naylor Boat Ramp and Sheboggy Landing, Alapaha River

The Lowndes County parcel in the new Wildlife Management Area off of US 84 does not go as far north as the Lanier County one, and does not go all the way to the Alapaha River at US 84:

Lowndes County between US 84 almost to Old State Road
Lowndes County parcel 0259 030A from US 84 almost to Old State Road

This is because some years ago Acree Investments Ltd. sold both sides of Old State Road to Phillip Connell, who then got the Lowndes County Commission to close that part of that road, despite the objections of a roomful of people and several hundred signatures on a petition, thus closing the only public access to the Alapaha River in Lowndes County. On 18 February 2013 WWALS did PR opposing closing that road and proposing “Lowndes County instead increase access and conservation of the Alapaha River by creating a park, which will also boost the regional economy.”

The oddly precise acreage number, 124.59, presumably is related to the extraction of the Old State Road parcels and the later sale in 2015 of 4.35 acres for $24,000 to Lowndes County in parcel 0259 030B at US 84 for the park and boat ramp that was approved by the voters of the county 5 November 2013 in SPLOST VII, the penny Special Local Option Sales Tax.

Roads and parking lot
Roads and parking lot, in Alapaha River Boat Ramp, by Mike Fletcher, 29 April 2016, Engineering, Lowndes County, Georgia

That Lowndes County park and what they’re calling the Naylor Boat Ramp will be in the middle of the Alapaha River Water Trail (ARWT).

Last I checked with Lowndes County back in the spring, they said they were waiting for the river to be low enough to construct.

Meanwhile, upstream at the top end of the ARWT, Berrien County already rebuilt the boat ramp at Sheboggy Landing on US 82.

Ramp with new concrete Photo: Bret Wagenhorst, June 3, 2017, new Sheboggy Boat Ramp.

Presumably eventually Lowndes County will catch up and build the Naylor Boat Ramp.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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