Union County Proposed Mining Areas 2017-08-30

Update 2017-08-31: More maps and other information in the Phosphate Mining page.

Here’s a much better map:

Proposed Mining Areas, APplication CPA 17-02, 2017-09-18
Proposed Mining Areas, Application CPA 17-02, 2017-09-18
PDF of this map

I was confused by the mining areas map in the NCFRPC materials for the recent Union County Comprehensive Plan workshop Monday 21 August 2017. That map in the previous post appears to show almost all of Union County as mining areas. So I asked NCFRPC E.D. Ed Koons. He clarified:

Illustration A-X Mining Areas on page A-25 of Comprehensive Plan Amendment No. 17-01 Evaluation Amendments is the current Illustration X-A Mining Areas in the currently adopted Union County Comprehensive Plan.

A new Illustration A-X Mining Areas is being proposed as part of Comprehensive Plan Amendment No. 17-02. Please see attached map.

The map he attached is the one you see above. Unless you’re proposing to mine in Union County, I think you’ll agree this new proposed map is a much better map.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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