Mt Zion United Methodist Church Spring, Clyattville, GA

Aaron Sirmons sent these pictures. He was tipped off by Guy Bryant.

Spring reflection, Clyattville, GA

Apparently the church used to use the spring for baptisms.

Spring square, Clyattville, GA

The spring roof is visible from the road.

Spring roof, Clyattville, GA

This is at 4536 Mt Zion Road, west of Clyattville, Georgia. Parcel 0061 003, across the road from the church building, same south side of the road as the cemetery, but east along the road, in the woods.

Google map, Clyattville, GA

Happy crawfish in the spring.

Crawfish in spring, Clyattville, GA

Google maps shows some pictures from June 2016 by William Richardson.

This is doubtless less than a magnitude 4 spring, but I bet there are more of these around in the woods than people think.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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