Karen and Tom Johnson Collage

Karen and Tom Johnson travelled many a time three or four hours from Pine Mountain, Georgia, to paddle with WWALS on our outings. Some of us are planning to go to Pine Mountain this Saturday:

Memorial Service/Funeral for Karen Toms Johnson:

11:00 A.M., Saturday, September 22, 2018.
1st UMC Pine Mountain, Georgia.
Rev. Liza Marler, officiating pastor.
Luncheon to follow with Karen Storytelling emcee’d by T3.
Memorial Service attendees are STRONGLY encouraged to attend the luncheon.

When: Tuesday-Friday 18-21 September 2018

Where: Post your pictures online here.

Event: facebook, meetup

Here is the obituary Tom wrote for Karen.

We would like to take with us a collage of pictures of Karen and Tom on WWALS outings (or elsewhere). Please post your pictures here (on this blog post, facebook event, etc.) or email them to wwalswatershed@gmail.com.

Here are some examples:

Photo: Bret Wagenhorst, of Tom and Karen Johnson, winners, farthest, BIG Little River Paddle Race 29 April 2017.

Tom H. Johnson Jr. mid-river, 12:23:47,, McIntyre Spring
Photo: John S. Quarterman, Karen and Tom H. Johnson Jr. mid-river, 12:23:47,, McIntyre Spring, 2017-10-14, 30.6420756, -83.3661254

Tom and Karen, 14:11:43,, Back to Georgia Shoal
Photo: John S. Quarterman, Tom and Karen Johnson, 14:11:43,, Back to Georgia Shoal, 2017-10-14, 30.6350709, -83.3417081.

Video: John S. Quarterman, Karen and Tom Johnson shoot the rapids, on the Withlacoochee River, Back to Georgia Shoal, 2017-10-14.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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