Hurricane Michael, Albany to Tifton 2018-10-11

Driving back from a long-scheduled conference in Alabama, from the state line to Tifton was widespread damage from Hurricane Michael. Nothing like the devastation on the Gulf coast, of course, but very unusual for inland Georgia.

[Traffic light repair 15:20:18, 31.6363489, -84.2473075]
Traffic light repair 15:20:18, 31.6363489, -84.2473075

We saw plenty of downed power lines, so don’t be surprised if everybody is power is not back everywhere for a while.

Hurricanes apparently aren’t good at obeying speed limit signs.

[Exit 25 MPH, 15:24:37, 31.6166667, -84.2036111]
Exit 25 MPH, 15:24:37, 31.6166667, -84.2036111

The center of the damage was somewhere around Sylvester, in the northwest edge of the Suwannee River Basin, in the Little River watershed.

[Sign out at Main St., 15:59:00, 31.5302749, -83.8367292]
Sign out at Main St., 15:59:00, 31.5302749, -83.8367292

These pictures start in Albany and end in Tifton. More pictures are on the WWALS website.

[DQ unroofed, 15:59:49, 31.5302797, -83.8308054]
DQ unroofed, 15:59:49, 31.5302797, -83.8308054

We know from WWALS members from Tifton northeast that there were trees down and further damage in that direction as the hurricane moved up there.

[Gas station sign, 16:27:57, 31.4455556, -83.5422222]
Gas station sign, 16:27:57, 31.4455556, -83.5422222

South from Tifton on I-75, we saw minimal damage.

From Alabama to Tifton, many houses had trees through them. I deliberately did not photograph those. These pictures give an idea of the extent of the storm damage without exposing what happened to individuals.

[McDonalds sign out, 16:00:08, 31.5302797, -83.8308054]
McDonalds sign out, 16:00:08, 31.5302797, -83.8308054

Notice what’s missing. No sign of water. We crossed both the Flint and the Withlacoochee Rivers, and they matched their gauges: no flooding, and not even any significant rise. Hurricane Michael inland apparently was all wind and little water.

Thanks to Gretchen Quarterman for doing the driving.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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  1. Nadine Voelz

    In Live Oak, FL, we were under a tornado watch from 2 pm on and also a tropical storm warning. The high winds stayed up in the trees and we had only 0.44 inches of rain.

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