Onemile Branch Cleanup, Drexel Park, during Azalea Festival 2019-03-10

Update 2019-03-12: The #Trashtag Challenge: Cleanups are good, but throwaway plastic needs to be stopped.

Not bad for an idea from a few days before: a cleanup at Onemile Branch in Drexel Park during Azalea Festival.

[Beatriz assisting]
Beatriz assisting

Juan and Luisa from Colombia with the VSU English Language Institute waded into the stream, with Beatriz Potter holding the bucket and Tom Potter advising.

Sara Jay explained her WWALS water quality test kit.

[Sara explaining]
Sara explaining

[Sara Jay, Luisa, Tom Potter, Scotti Jay]
Sara Jay, Luisa, Tom Potter, Scotti Jay

Scotti Jay went after things in the creek.

[Scotti downstream]
Scotti downstream

Tom Potter waded under an azalea bush and came up with a catch.

[The catch]
The catch

Suwannee Riverkeeper John S. Quarterman forded the stream in sreach of trash.

[Can (TP)]
Can (TP)

Eric Bell wandered by and ended up with the most creative trash picking stick.

[Movie: Got this lemon, though (13M)]
Movie: Got this lemon, though (13M)

Here’s the before picture.

[Preparing to clean up]
Preparing to clean up

And here are the intrepid trash-picking crew with their haul.

[Eric Bell, Beatriz and Tom Potter, Scotti Jay, Juan and Luisa]
Eric Bell, Beatriz and Tom Potter, Scotti Jay, Juan and Luisa

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 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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