Before the day 1 route of Paddle Georgia 2019-06-14

Down at the Little River Confluence, Troupville Boat Ramp, and downstream to Spook Bridge. Before #PaddleGA2019.

[Downstream Withlacoochee River, 10:48:15, 30.846955, -83.347810]
Downstream Withlacoochee River, 10:48:15, 30.8469550, -83.3478100

While WWALS was welcoming Paddle Georgia boats and boaters, Emma Wheeler of WCTV came to visit, greeted by Shirley Kokidko of WWALS.

[WCTV with WWALS at Troupville Boat Ramp, 30.851295, -83.347218]
WCTV with WWALS at Troupville Boat Ramp, 30.8512950, -83.3472180

[Shirley Kokidko and Emma Wheeler, 30.851313, -83.347222]
Shirley Kokidko and Emma Wheeler, 30.8513130, -83.3472220

[Launch Site sign]
Launch Site sign

The boat ramp looked pretty bare, since somebody stole all the signs of all kinds.

[With water in the Little River]
With water in the Little River

We hung up the new metal signs, top one for the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WLRWT), bottom one for this location, Troupville Boat Ramp. Both are seen here with Suwannee Riverkeeper John S. Quarterman.

[With boats, 10:59:34, 30.851306, -83.347258]
With boats, 10:59:34, 30.8513060, -83.3472580

[Shirley Kokidko photographing John S. Quarterman]
Shirley Kokidko photographing John S. Quarterman

Naturally, the WWALS booth was up and running. Bret Wagenhorst also came by to help later. Gretchen Quarterman was there all day, except for a brief visit to Grassy Pond.

[Gretchen, Shirley, tent, golf cart, boats, 10:59:36, 30.851317, -83.347181]
Gretchen, Shirley, tent, golf cart, boats, 10:59:36, 30.8513170, -83.3471810

Every WWALS outing is a cleanup, and these Paddle Georgia paddlers helped pick up trash at the Little River Confluence.

[Trash from the Confluence, 12:59:30, 30.851286, -83.347242]
Trash from the Confluence, 12:59:30, 30.8512860, -83.3472420

Thanks to The Battery Source on North Valdosta Road, and Katharine Ball, who rustled it up, WWALS has a golf cart to shuttle VIPs to the Little River Confluence.

[On trailer from General Rental Center]
On trailer from General Rental Center

[Thanks to Battery Source, 10:51:06, 30.851296, -83.347227]
Thanks to Battery Source, 10:51:06, 30.8512960, -83.3472270

Everything from the pylons to the Confluence is Land Between the Rivers, owned by a group of cousins, represented today by Helen Tapp. She is trying to raise money to buy it and add it to the park around Troupville Boat Ramp.


Cypress roots

As Shirley Kokidko pointed out, you can see the Little River water coming in on the right of the picture is cleaner than the Withlacoochee River water coming in on the left. No, it has nothing to do with Valdosta’s Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), which is downstream. This effect is because the Withlacoochee really is muddier upstream right now, due to being almost empty recently, and in the past week getting a lot of rain.

[And confluence, 10:50:52, 30.847098, -83.347527]
And confluence, 10:50:52, 30.8470980, -83.3475270


[Bag, 10:50:56, 30.847168, -83.347417]
Bag, 10:50:56, 30.8471680, -83.3474170

Grassy Pond

Joe Cook and Gwyneth Moody were organizing Paddle Georgia at Grassy Pond, assisted by Dave Hetzel of WWALS all morning, and Bobby and Monica McKenzie in the afternoon, with John S. Quarterman, Steve Miller, and Gretchen Quarterman there more briefly.

[WWALS table, 12:13:21, 30.655087, -83.235977]
WWALS table, 12:13:21, 30.6550870, -83.2359770

Outhouse Port-A-Potties

Adventures in Porta-A-Potty delivery occurred thanks to river access by The Langdale Company. This location is halfway between Troupville Boat Ramp and Spook Bridge. The best sport award goes to Scott Hudgins of Outhouse Port-A-Potties, who delivered down roads that have not seen a scrape in recent memory.

[Delivery, Scott Hudgins, 16:06:25, 30.816030, -83.424672]
Delivery, Scott Hudgins, 16:06:25, 30.8160300, -83.4246720

Halftime Port-a-Potty

This is the actual Port-A-Potty installed. I only made one wrong turn on the way there, and we only got stuck once.

[The port-a-potty, 16:11:07, 30.8158482, -83.4248496]
The port-a-potty, 16:11:07, 30.8158482, -83.4248496

US 84 Upstream

Where we’re avoiding taking out, at US 84, there are small rapids above the bridge, but they are doable.

[Rapids above, 17:27:15, 30.793779, -83.453383]
Rapids above, 17:27:15, 30.7937790, -83.4533830

US 84 Downstream

Downstream from US 84 past the CSX railroad bridge it’s smooth sailing.

[No problem, 17:35:00, 30.793058, -83.453485]
No problem, 17:35:00, 30.7930580, -83.4534850

Spook Bridge

At the day 1 takeout, also thanks to The Langdale Company, there are small shoals downstream from Spook Bridge, just above the takeout.

[Shoals below bridge, 16:51:14, 30.789609, -83.451412]
Shoals below bridge, 16:51:14, 30.7896090, -83.4514120

On Spook Bridge

Here’s a view of the put-in from Spook Bridge. It’s on the left bank, just after the shoals.

[The put-in, 16:56:14, 30.789808, -83.451778]
The put-in, 16:56:14, 30.7898080, -83.4517780

Spook Bridge Port-a-Potty

And here’s the Spook Bridge Port-A-Potty installed. It’s several thousand feet from the river; you’ll see why.

[Installed, 17:15:06, 30.7901466, -83.4487490]
Installed, 17:15:06, 30.7901466, -83.4487490

And if all goes according to plan, you’ll see the WWALS golf cart there, ready to shuttle you up and down from the river.

There are more pictures on the WWALS website by Gretchen Quarterman and by John S. Quarterman.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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