Kayak raffle drawing at Griffis Fish Camp, Suwannee River 2019-12-07

Update 2020-01-01: Gretchen delivered the kayak three days later.

Outings Committee member Shelby Miller, who had not gotten a WWALS kayak raffle ticket, ran to draw the winner as WWALS Board members Dan Phillips and Bobby McKenzie cooked and watched.

[Shelby Miller to draw]
Shelby Miller to draw

WWALS Executive Director Gretchen Quarterman took tickets from envelopes from various festivals and other events and put them all in a box.

[Mix the tickets up]
Mix the tickets up

Former WWALS Board member and Outings Committee member Shirley Kokidko shook the box of tickets.

[Shaking the tickets]
Shaking the tickets

Shelby didn’t look as she sought a ticket from the box.

[Picking a ticket]
Picking a ticket

Shelby read the wrong side first, Tasha LaFace. That’s who sold the ticket.

[Reading the winner]
Reading the winner

And the winner is….

[Yay winner!]
Yay winner!

Rhonda Kelly of Lowndes County, Georgia.

Here’s a WWALS video playlist:

So we went up by the road to get signal so Gretchen could call Rhonda. Shirley Kokidko and WWALS Outings Chair and Board member Bobby McKenzie held the WWALS banner.

Rhonda didn’t answer, but she called back so quickly Shirley had already headed back to camp.

[The winner is pleased]
The winner is pleased

Rhonda was pleased, and she and Gretchen quickly worked out how to deliver the Perception Swifty Deluxe 95 Angler Sit Inside Kayak. Thanks again to Eileen Box for donating the kayak for the raffle.

Thanks to everyone who got a kayak raffle ticket: all those donations help our projects and advocacy.

This drawing was during the Okefenokee Camping and Paddle, at Griffis Fish Camp on the Suwannee River, in Clinch County, Georgia, 2019-12-06-08. For more WWALS outings and events as they are posted, see the WWALS calendar or the WWALS outings and events web page. WWALS members also get an upcoming list in the Tannin Times newsletter.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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