Water Trail signs planted for Reed Bingham State Park 2021-04-16

WWALS Trails Committee Chair Dan Phillips planted the signs for Reed Bingham State Park Thursday, both the road signs for Red Roberts Landing, and the at-water signs for there and for the boat ramps on both sides of RBSP Lake.

[Red Roberts Landing, Reed Bingham State Park Lake]
Red Roberts Landing, Reed Bingham State Park Lake

Red Roberts Landing is where the BIG Little River Paddle Race will start this Saturday morning. Tickets are going fast, and are only available online, so get your tickets now.

[Banner BLRPR 2021]
Banner BLRPR 2021

These are the water trail signs you will see next to Red Roberts Landing when you put in for BLRPR.

[At the boat ramp]
At the boat ramp

Here’s a detailed image and link to PDF so you can see what is on those signs.

[Little River signpost: Red Roberts Landing]
Little River signpost: Red Roberts Landing

These are the westbound road signs we purchased from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). GDOT is installing three pairs of signs that go on state highways, but the other three pairs WWALS is installing, with written permission from Cook County.

[Westbound road signs]
Westbound road signs

Here are the eastbound Red Roberts road signs.

[Eastbound road signs]
Eastbound road signs

Reed Bingham State Park Lake

Three miles down the Little River from Red Roberts Landing, Dan planted at-water signs at both of the boat ramps on RBSP Lake.

RBSP West Boat Ramp is where you’ll find the Finish line for the BIG Little River Paddle Race.

[RBSP West Boat Ramp]
RBSP West Boat Ramp

The top sign is the same as for Red Roberts Landing. Here is the bottom sign detail:


And these are the signs at the boat ramp on the east side of the lake.

[RBSP East Boat Ramp]
RBSP East Boat Ramp

And here is the detail on that bottom sign.


Thanks, Dan!

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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