Advisory lifted, Withlacoochee River 2021-08-18

Update 2021-08-20: Odd results, but mostly clean rivers 2021-08-19.

Madison Health yesterday lifted its Withlacoochee River Bacterial Advisory of June 22 after it got good water quality results at the state line for Tuesday, August 17, 2021. Apparently the spotty heavy rains over the weekend and Monday did not wash much E. coli down Sugar Creek or Okapilco Creek.

[Lifted, Chart, Swim Guide]
Lifted, Chart, Swim Guide

WWALS and Valdosta have gotten many good results in between, but Madison Health only goes by its own tests. Recent results from Valdosta are also good.

So, happy boating, swimming, and fishing in the Withlacoochee River!

WWALS testers are collecting samples today, so we can report results tomorrow.

[Clean Withlacoochee River Results 2021-08-17]
Clean Withlacoochee River Results 2021-08-17
For context and the entire WWALS composite spreadsheet of Georgia and Florida water quality results, rainfall, and spills, see:

Here is the Madison health notice of lifting the advisory.

[Lifting Withlacoochee River Advisory 2021-08-18]
Lifting Withlacoochee River Advisory 2021-08-18

Most of the WWALS “beaches” are green on Swim Guide, and we will know more tomorrow.

[Good Withlacoochee River Swim Guide 2021-08-17]
Good Withlacoochee River Swim Guide 2021-08-17

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