Willacoochee to Lakeland, Alapaha River, 2021-08-10, 2021-08-19

See the Alapaha River for yourself, in these 360-degree views, on Earthviews, taken in August 2021 by WWALS member Bobby McKenzie.

[Willacoochee Landing, overhanging branches, GA & FL RR, mile marker, beach, Lakeland Boat Ramp; ARWT map]
Willacoochee Landing, overhanging branches, GA & FL RR, mile marker, beach, Lakeland Boat Ramp; ARWT map

Willacoochee Landing @ GA 135 to Berrien Beach Boat Ramp @ GA 168

That’s 19.17 river miles, on August 10, 2021.

[Willacoochee Landing]
Willacoochee Landing

The water level on the Alapaha, Georgia, USGS gauge was 8.7′ (216.2′ NAVD88).

Our recommended water levels for Willacoochee Landing are low 215.3 feet (7.7′) and high 218.2 feet (10.6′).

Just across the river on the right bank in Berrien County is Nashville Landing.

[Nashville Landing]
Nashville Landing

Here is a typical river scene with overhanging branches.


The Georgia and Florida Railroad Bridge is a good landmark, only 1.38 miles downstream.

[Georgia Florida Railroad Bridge]
360 view of Georgia Florida Railroad Bridge

There are excursions across this bridge on the Azalea Sprinter train.

Berrien Beach Boat Ramp @ GA 168 to Lakeland Boat Ramp @ GA 122

That’s 16.77 miles. On August 19, 2021, the Alapaha, Georgia, gauge read 7.8′ (215.3′ NAVD88).

[Berrien Beach Boat Ramp]
Berrien Beach Boat Ramp

Our recommended water levels for Berrien Beach Boat Ramp are low 209.6 feet (2.0′) and high 218.2 feet (10.6′).

The Alapaha, GA, gauge currently shows 6.12′ (213.72′ NAVD 1988).

Notice these convenient Lanier County EMA signs every two miles along the river:


If you get close to one and can send a picture back, that would be appreciated.


Thanks to Randy Patten of Lanier County EMA for placing these milemarker signs.


See Randy Patten explain that Alapaha River Beauty should not be hidden, Randy Patten 2018-04-07.

There are many beaches, such as this one.


The end of this trip was Lakeland Boat Ramp>

[Lakeland Boat Ramp]
Lakeland Boat Ramp

At the top of the ramp, you can see the backs of our water trail signs. The fronts look like this.




The Rocks are rapids downstream from Lakeland, the first rapids on the Alapaha River. The river gets wider downstream, although below Statenville there are s any more rapids, most small, but just across the state line is Jennings Defeat, which we call a Class II+ rapid.

[Fend off the rocks, 30.6089300, -83.0623214]
Fend off the rocks, 30.6089300, -83.0623214


Upstream from Willacoochee Landing looks similar to there, but narrower with more overhanging branches, and more opportunities to get lost in the woods when the water is high.


Here’s a still from the WWALS map of the Alapaha River Water Trail (ARWT).

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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