Agenda: WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting 2022-04-10


WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting

8-10 AM , Sunday, 10 April 2022

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Participation, pandemic, paddle races, outings, cleanups, water quality testing, opposition to trash, mines, water withdrawals, coal ash, and pellet plants, promotion of solar power, and of course finances: the WWALS board will be discussing all those in its Quarterly Board meeting. The public is invited. We will be meeting online by zoom, so you don’t even have to go anywhere .

Invited to attend:  WWALS members, especially committee members, and the general public.

All WWALS Board Members are expected to attend.

The more done on the board list, the less time we have to spend in this meeting.

Board Members : for bios, terms, etc. see

[WWALS Logo]

  • Trudy Cole  (President) *
  • Tom Potter (Senior Vice President and Chair of Science Committee)*
  • Laura D’Alisera
  • Bret Wagenhorst (Secretary)
  • Shelby Miller (Treasurer and Chair of Personnel Committee)*
  • Dave Hetzel (WWALS Ambassador and Chair of Advisory Committee)
  • Sara Jones (Chair of Nominating Committee)

* Executive Committee.

Staff:  see also

  • Gretchen Quarterman, Executive Director (Chair of Membership, Finance, and Grant-Writing Committees)
  • John S. Quarterman, Suwannee Riverkeeper® (Chair of PR and Watershed Issues Committees)

Committees: see also  and Committee items  below.

  • Eileen Box (Chair of Events Committee)
  • Suzanne Hall (Chair of Testing Committee)
  • Angela Duncan (Chair of Songwriting Contest Committee)
  • Vacant (Chair of Outings Committee)
  • Vacant (Chair of Water Trails Committee)

[Three-page agenda]
Three-page agenda


  1. Call to Order  including welcoming guests and explaining how this meeting is conducted (anyone can speak; only board members vote; try to stick to the topic at hand).
  2. It is with deep sorrow that we note  the death of current (and founding) board member Dave Hetzel.
  3. Secretary
  1. Agenda Review: Additions and Changes
  2. Approve Minutes
  1. Vote: Accept Minutes of February WWALS Quarterly Board Strategy Meetings
  2. Vote: Record in minutes of this WWALS board meeting the Email votes by WWALS Board or Executive Committee since last WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting (see Secretary Report ).
  1. Next Meetings:
  1. Review schedule: 2022 meeting schedule
  1. July 10, 2022 – 9:30 AM – Members meeting
  2. July 10, 2022 – 10 AM – Board Meeting
  3. October 09, 2022
  1. Treasurer/ Finance Committee: See Treasurer Report .  
  1. Waiting on signatures on January minutes before making an appointment to open new bank account
  2. Financial Report:
  1. President: See Report .
  2. Executive Director (business): See Report .
  1. Projects and Programs. Survey – should we do a short survey for our members?
  2. It actually takes time and attention to run even a small organization.
  3. Language for waiver for pets on outings (see report, we now have coverage)

Suwannee Riverkeeper logo

  1. Suwannee Riverkeeper (advocacy); see Report .
  1. How you can help with advocacy.
  1. Committee  items for discussion or vote are in agenda; see also appended reports.
  2. Advisory Committee: Chair Vacant: Board Delegate Dr. Tom Potter. See Report.
  1. Needs to meet.
  1. Events Committee: Chair Eileen Box; see Report
  1. Right to Clean Water – Online event is shaping up – April 17 is event
  2. Organize event, Natural History of the Suwannee River Basin, With Rights of Nature?
  1. Executive Committee: see Report .
  2. Grant-writing Committee: Chair Gretchen Quarterman; see Report
  1. We need to apply for grants to get money.
  2. Would someone else like to chair this committee?
  1. Membership Committee : Chair Gretchen Quarterman; see Report  
  2. Nominating Committee: Chair Sara Jones; see Report

  1. Outings Committee : Chair Vacant; see Report .
  1. Vote on additional Outings Committee members or new committee chair?
  2. BLRPR 2022 — Bret Wagenhorst
  1. Personnel Committee: Chair Shelby Miller; see Personnel Committee Report
  1. Should/can we increase the Riverkeeper salary?
  1. Public Relations Committee : Chair John S. Quarterman; see Report .
  1. TODO: Last board meeting, contest to name the Suwannee bass graphic donated by artist Hank Hershey for fundraising t-shirt.
  2. Please: articles to Tannin Times   Newsletter before month end.

  1. Science Committee : Chair Tom Potter; See Science Committee Report .
  2. Songwriting Contest Committee: Chair Angela Duncan.; see Report .
  1. Vote o n adding a new member to Songwriting Contest Committee
  1. Testing Committee: Chair Suzy Hall; See Testing Committee Report .
  1. Vote on adding new members
  1. Trails Committee : Chair Vacant; see Trails Committee Report
  1. Troupville River Camp showing signs of life.
  1. Watershed Issues Committee: Chair John S. Quarterman. See Issues Report .
  2. How busy everybody is and how many technical difficulties.
  3. Executive Session  (if necessary – give a reason)
  4. Reconvene  from Executive Session and vote on any resulting items.
  5. Adjourn