One Mile Branch Fish Kill 2022-09-23

Update 2022-09-25: High E. coli near One Mile Branch fish kill, and maybe fuel spill 2022-09-23.

Update 2022-09-24: Clean Withlacoochee River water quality test results then One Mile Branch fish kill 2022-09-22.

Scotti Jay says, “I’m glad my dog doesn’t like to get in the water.”

[Fish kill and equipment]
Fish kill and equipment

The One Mile Branch water full of dead fish from Oak Street at VSU down to West Gordon Street and Sugar Creek in Remerton. Sugar Creek goes on down to the Withlacoochee River.

A sewage bypass pipe starts just downstream (west) of Patterson Street and ends near the VSU practice football field west of Oak Street, near where the dead fish start. Such equipment could only have been put there by Valdosta Utilities or its contractors.

I saw such equipment at Patterson Street after The Happening on August 30th. Which makes me wonder how long this fish kill has been going on.

There are no signs and no lime anywhere along the sewage bypass. There is fresh dirt between the bottom manhole and the creek. No dead fish were found upstream of that work site.

Valdosta’s Azalea City Trail for walkers and bikers runs right next to One Mile Branch.

Scotti says, “I’ve never seen a spill kill so many fish.”

[Map: One Mile Branch fish kill]
Map: One Mile Branch fish kill in the WWALS map of the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail.

Wainwright Drive

[White dead fish, 30.842923, -83.301139]
White dead fish, 30.8429230, -83.3011390

[Flies dead fish, 30.842923, -83.301139]
Flies dead fish, 30.8429230, -83.3011390

Waterfall between Wainwright and Sustella

[Logs dead fish, 30.843365, -83.2978]
Logs dead fish, 30.8433650, -83.2978000

[White dead fish, 30.843365, -83.2978]
White dead fish, 30.8433650, -83.2978000

[Leaves many dead fish, 30.843365, -83.2978]
Leaves many dead fish, 30.8433650, -83.2978000

Gordon Street in Remerton

[Many dead fish, 30.8405, -83.3064]
Many dead fish, 30.8405000, -83.3064000

Equipment near VSU football practice field

[Single pipe chained down, 30.845384, -83.292138]
Single pipe chained down, 30.8453840, -83.2921380

[Side of single pipe, 30.845384, -83.292138]
Side of single pipe, 30.8453840, -83.2921380

Between practice field and Oak Street

[Pipe and creek, 30.845904, -83.290971]
Pipe and creek, 30.8459040, -83.2909710

[Dead fish by bypass pipe, 30.845904, -83.290971]
Dead fish by bypass pipe, 30.8459040, -83.2909710

West of Patterson Street

[Red fence 30 feet from Patterson Street, 30.846576, -83.287409]
Red fence 30 feet from Patterson Street, 30.8465760, -83.2874090

[Pump and pipe, 30.846576, -83.287409]
Pump and pipe, 30.8465760, -83.2874090

[Two pipes, 30.846576, -83.287409]
Two pipes, 30.8465760, -83.2874090

[Context: two pipes, 30.846576, -83.287409]
Context: two pipes, 30.8465760, -83.2874090

[Movie, 30.846576, -83.287409]
Movie, 30.8465760, -83.2874090

[Map: One Mile Branch sewage bypass]
Map: One Mile Branch sewage bypass

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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