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Pictures: Banks Lake Full Hunters Moon Paddle 2023-10-28

That was possibly the best full moon view ever, at the Banks Lake Full Hunters Moon Paddle 2023-10-28, just after the Costume Contest.

[Banners, Sunset, Moonrise, Jupiter, Bats, Banks Lake Full Hunters Moon 2023-10-28]
Banners, Sunset, Moonrise, Jupiter, Bats, Banks Lake Full Hunters Moon 2023-10-28

The moon rose before the sun was set.

Jupiter was halfway between the moon and the horizon.

Bats were visible and audible (and smellable) in the cypress trees, even though they said it was too chilly to come out.

For humans the temperature was delightful.

All that and the return of Elizabeth Brunner, who had not joined us since I think January!

Thanks to Banks Lake Outdoors for free boat rental for these WWALS Full Moon Paddles.

Thanks to Kimberly Godden Tanner for hosting, including getting the key from Banks Lake Outdoors, distributing the boats, and getting people signed in.

Thanks to Elizabeth Brunner for leading, including the safety lecture and showing people around on the lake.

Thanks to Lisa Adkins Montisano for some additional pictures.

There are more pictures below.

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Sand Mine Special Exception Levy County Commission 2023-12-05

It’s back: the proposed Special Exception for the 3RT Sand Mine.

This time it will be at the Levy County Board of County Commissioners, 9 AM, Tuesday, December 5, 2023, in the Levy County Government Center Auditorium, 310 School Street, Bronson, FL 32621.

[Cows, mining trucks, and Public Notice]
Cows, mining trucks, and Public Notice

Meanwhile, you can still sign on to this change.org opposition petition by Kim Wheeler:

And you can send written comments up to five days before the Public Hearing; see below.

The mine site is still in the springshed of Rainbow Springs.

You may not think that these are enough: Continue reading