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Contractor Fair, Sabal Trail, Ocala and Live Oak

Update 10 April 2016: And Moultrie, GA April 15th.

Update 9 April 2016: And Albany, GA April 21st.

Sabal Trail plans to entice locals by offering jobs week after next in Ocala and Live Oak, SabalXadX001 ignoring river easements slapped down hard by the Georgia legislature, and both Hamilton and Suwannee Counties, Florida, inviting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to come see what Sabal Trail didn’t tell FERC,

Sabal Trail admitted two years ago in Gilchrist County that it had already retained the main contractors for pipeline installation. Should a few temporary leftover jobs for local people be enough to outweigh taking local property by eminent domain and gouging under our rivers and through the most sensitive area of the Floridan Aquifer, source of all our drinking water?

Those are private venues, but they have public roads outside.


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