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Lanier County new campground and recreation facility beside Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge –GOSP 2024-03-21

Congratulations, Lanier County, for getting a GOSP grant to enhance Banks Lake!

Lanier County
Improving Recreation & Water Quality; $1,491,057

Lanier County will construct a new campground and recreation facility that would serve the visitors to Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This project features wildlife viewing platforms, new waterway access and kayak launch, disc golf course, walking trail, boardwalk, and green space. The proposed campground will be equipped with full utility hookups, sanitary sewer, and shower and laundry facility.

This project also includes invasive species removal at Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

[Lanier County new campground, and recreation facility, beside Banks Lake NWR, $1,491,057 from GOSP 2024-03-21]
Lanier County new campground, and recreation facility, beside Banks Lake NWR, $1,491,057 from GOSP 2024-03-21

This was the only GOSP grant awarded in the Suwannee River Basin.

Lanier County applied in several previous years, and finally got the grant.

If I am not mistaken, this project will mostly be on county-owned land east of Banks Lake Boat Ramp, west of the Rivers Farm House. Continue reading

Three more Valdosta wastewater overflows 2016-03-28

Who thought it was a good idea for stormwater to go into Valdosta’s sanitary sewer system? 700 Cypress Street, Valdosta, GA Whoever it was, the current Valdosta Utilities, Engineering, and especially Stormwater Director have to deal with it, frequently. Maybe some of the upwards of $300 million Valdosta is spending on force main, new Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Plant, etc., will help with this problem. But none of that will stop rain from falling on Valdosta, and little of it is directed at the Alapaha River watershed in Valdosta, where one of this week’s three spills went.

Come see for yourself where Sugar Creek flows into the Withlacoochee River, this Sunday morning, April 3rd, on the extra WWALS Outing from Langdale Park to the Little River Boat Ramp. And come paddle with us on the Alapaha River Saturday morning April 23rd, from Hotchkiss Road in Lanier County to Mayday in Echols County, upstream from where Knights Creek flows into Mud Swamp Creek, which joins Grand Bay Creek to form the Alapahoochee River, which joins the Alapaha River in Florida. And of course both the Withlacoochee and the Alapaha join the Suwannee River. Valdosta says there’s no significant vestige of its wastewater that far downstream. It would be good to have some independent water quality monitoring to be sure.

I notice Section 5 Mud Swamp Creek Basin of Valdosta’s Master Stormwater Management Plan says: Continue reading