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Sullivan Launch to Blue Spring, Withlacoochee River Outing 2015-10-24

Update 2022-07-20: Better picture labels and access.

Update 2015-10-29: Pictures: Sullivan Launch to Madison Blue Spring Withlacoochee River 2015-10-24.

Downstream on our tea-colored Withlacoochee River to the Blue Spring, it’s the October WWALS Outing!

When: 9AM Saturday October 24th 2015

Where: Sullivan Launch to Madison Blue Springs State Park.

Distance: 10.2 miles, about 5 hours, after a shuttle of about 40 minutes.

Facebook: event.

This outing is Free! But we encourage you to join WWALS today to support our fun outings and important work: /donations/. See our newsletters, and the press Releases and news. And consider joining the new Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail Committee.

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