GA DNR responds about Sabal Trail at Okapilco Creek 2017-09-21

Not the answer I was looking for, but GA-EPD is still by far the most responsive agency regarding Sabal Trail. Lisa Myler of GA-DNR called back Friday about 7PM saying Tom Fowler had been to the Okapilco Creek Sabal Trail sinkhole site I reported. I called her back Monday, and after DNR’s web server came […]

Sinkhole, Sabal Trail, Okapilco Creek, Brooks County, GA 2017-09-19

Update 2017-09-21: Yes, I reported it to GA-EPD, et al. (PDF), and here are facebook photos of most of the images below. How close to exposed is Sabal Trail’s pipe? This sinkhole is at least a foot deep, maybe two or more, and Sabal Trail only buried their pipe three feet deep, despite requests by […]

Okapilco Creek flooding @ GA 122 2017-01-23

Half a mile wide: Okapilco Creek one week ago on GA 122 between Barney and Pavo, Georgia. Usually you have to peer down into the woods to see if you can see any water in the creek. After the recent storms, you could see water beside the highway half a mile before you got to […]

Sabal Trail at Okapilco Creek 2016-12-06

Update 2016-12-08: Complaint filed with GA-EPD, USACE, FERC: PDF. We didn’t see any silt fences where Sabal Trail has red pipe laid out across Okapilco Creek and Little Creek, north of Coffee Road, west of GA 333 in Brooks County, Georgia, between Barwick and Barney. Red pipe, Okapilco Creek Middle Bridge, Sabal Trail, 30.9174160, -83.5892520

Aerials: Suwannee, Ocholockonee, Withlacoochee, Santa Fe Rivers, Okapilco Creek, Sabal Trail Moultrie CY3-6 @ WWALS Southwings 2016-10-22

Update 2016-11-07: You can put your own pictures on a related google map. From the air what you can’t see from the ground: Sabal Trail through north Florida and south Georgia. Driving down I-10, you wouldn’t know Sabal Trail was digging underneath you,g for example. On Saturday October 22nd 2016, Southwings flew WWALS over more […]

Typical USGS streamgage costs with example near Okapilco Creek

How much would it cost to fund the Okapilco Creek gage so it won’t go offline July 31st? About $13,600/year, more or less, mostly for field and office labor and administration, with only 10% for the field equipment. Since this gage is located in Brooks County, Georgia, the most likely funding body (after USGS itself) […]

Funding needed for Okapilco Creek gage

In USGS Groundwater Data for Georgia: The following streamgage will be shut down on July 31, 2015 unless alternative funding can be found: 02318700 Okapilco Creek at Georgia Highway 333, near Quitman, Georgia For questions regarding this threatened streamgage, please contact Tony Gotvald at (678) 924-6648 or -jsq