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Nankin filthy, Withlacoochee River 2023-04-27

Update 2023-05-04: High Springs small sewage spill, Santa Fe River 2023-05-04.

Nankin Boat Ramp came back really filthy. Everything else was clean, in the WWALS tests for Thursday on the Little, Withlacoochee, and Alapaha Rivers.

It rained a lot on Thursday, so more contamination has probably washed into the rivers, while that Nankin contamination washed downstream into Florida.

For paddling this weekend, I’d go far upstream or try the Suwannee or Ichetucknee Rivers; also for swimming or fishing.

No new sewage spills have been reported in the Suwannee River Basin in Georgia or Florida.

[Chart, River, Swim Guide Map 2023-04-27]
Chart, River, Swim Guide Map 2023-04-27

By bad at Nankin we mean really bad. As in Too Numerous to Count (TNTC), which is usually more than 25,000 cfu/100 mL of E. coli, where 1,000 is the alert limit. You really don’t want that on you.

The most recent results we have from Valdosta are Continue reading

Filthy Crooked Creek, clean Okapilco Creek upstream 2020-03-20

Update 2020-03-26: Cleaner downstream with no rain 2020-03-24.

Two days after rain, Crooked Creek was still filthy Friday. Some of that probably got into the Withlacoochee River. WWALS continues testing. You can help.

[Too high]
Too high
For context and the entire WWALS composite spreadsheet of all known data sources see https://wwals.net/issues/testing/.

This is in Brooks County, Georgia.

[Crooked Creek @ Monument Church Road]
Crooked Creek @ Monument Church Road

Crooked Creek at Monument Church Road was bad enough, 1,366 cfu/100 mL E. coli, which is above the Georgia Adopt-A Stream alert level of 1,000. See also what do these numbers mean?

[Crooked Cr @ MCR]
Crooked Cr @ MCR

The stench was mostly coming from Continue reading

Cleaner Withlacoochee Monday, Tuesday; Suwannee unknown 2020-03-03

Update 2020-03-06: Special meeting to approve an RFP for an environmental attorney –Madison BOCC 2020-03-06

Tuesday data from Lowndes County, Georgia, shows much better water quality in Okapilco Creek upstream from Quitman and in the Withlacoochee River downstream. Remember, Lowndes County has its own sewer system, which did not spill. And one of Lowndes County’s results for the previous week is very interesting.

All the maps and charts in this post are on the WWALS website in a PDF for printing. They’re also on facebook.

The most recent data we have from Valdosta and Florida is for Monday. WWALS has not tested this week because of rain, but soon. You can help.

Yesterday and today, five inches of rain fell on Tifton, and all that water is washing downstream, with the Withlacoochee already in flood at Pinetta.

[Quitman to Withlacoochee River]
Map: Quitman to Withlacoochee River.
In the WWALS map of the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail.

In the above map, northeast of Quitman near Okapilco Creek, are the Quitman sewage settling ponds, which Continue reading