Biggest city in Suwannee River watershed?

Apparently everybody knew this but me. The biggest city in the entire 11,020 square mile Suwannee river basin, half in south Georgia and half in Florida (that half being the largest river basin in Florida), is…. Valdosta, Georgia, with 57,000+ people. I knew Tifton (16,000+) is next largest in Georgia, followed by Moultrie (14,000+, but only half in this basin), but I didn’t know there’s nothing as large in Florida, as you can see on this USGS map:

Sure, Gainesville is twice as large (126,000+), but only a tiny bit of it is in the Suwannee River basin. Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FL-DEP) lists:

Major Cities and Towns: Lake City, Live Oak, Starke, Alachua, Chiefland, Madison, Perry, northwestern edge of Gainesville, White Springs, Fanning Springs, Branford, Bronson, Cedar Key, Newberry, and Otter Creek

For comparison, lists of Georgia towns and cities are in this previous post.

Except for Gainesville, the Florida towns and cities are mostly in the population Naylor or Otter Creek (hundreds) to Sylvester or Live Oak (6-7,000) range. Then there’s Alachua (9,000+) and Lake City (12,000+). Here they all are on a google population chart:

What does this all mean? I don’t know, other than I seem to be the last to realize this simple fact.