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South Georgia pipeline plan fuels fight –AJC

Atlanta is surrounded by pipelines, says the AJC reporter and photographer who came to to Dougherty, Colquitt, and Lowndes Counties in February.

Dan Chapman, AJC, 3 April 2015, South Georgia pipeline plan fuels fight,

300x225 Dan Chapman and Don Thieme at Cherry Creek Sink, in Sinkholes near the Withlacoochee River, by John S. Quarterman, for WWALS.net, 18 February 2015 Valdosta — Southwest Georgia is roiling mad over a proposed gas pipeline to Florida that virtually nobody in Atlanta, except Ted Turner, has heard about.

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Hamilton and Madison: both WWALS Florida Counties passed anti-fracking resolutions

We’ve already seen Hamilton County’s RESOLUTION 2015-02 of 3 March 2015. Madison County followed 11 March 2015, as reported by Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson for Our Santa Fe River, The Commissioners of Madison County—THEY ROCK!!

This morning the Commissioners of Madison County concluded their business by unanimously signing a resolution to ban fracking and to support the bills in Tallahassee which do that. County Attorney Tommy Reeves was johnny-on-the-spot ready with the resolution so there was no delay there.

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