Hamilton and Madison: both WWALS Florida Counties passed anti-fracking resolutions

We’ve already seen Hamilton County’s RESOLUTION 2015-02 of 3 March 2015. Madison County followed 11 March 2015, as reported by Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson for Our Santa Fe River, The Commissioners of Madison County—THEY ROCK!!

This morning the Commissioners of Madison County concluded their business by unanimously signing a resolution to ban fracking and to support the bills in Tallahassee which do that. County Attorney Tommy Reeves was johnny-on-the-spot ready with the resolution so there was no delay there.

When the vote was taken, thunderous applause echoed through the small room, which was filled to capacity with enthusiastic advocates for the resolution, many of whom were present due to the diligent actions of John and Gale Dickert of Madison. Gale presented a passionate, detailed resume of fracking to the commissioners, who had done their homework and were already well informed of this modern evil.

WWALS board member Chris Mericle of Hamilton County, Florida remarks:

As you may be aware, the Florida Legislature is looking at legislation to ban Hydraulic Fracking in the State. There is a movement here to have counties pass resolutions of support for the bills that would ban fracking in Florida.

The only two counties in Florida and in WWALS watershed are Hamilton and Madison. Both of these counties have passed such a resolution.

Here is the whole list:

Counties passing local resolutions that support our push for a ban on fracking:
Alachua County
Hamilton County
Miami-Dade County
Union County
Madison County
Leon County

City resolutions have passed in:
Coconut Creek
Hallandale Beach

Leon County Soil and Water Conservation District has also passed a ban fracking resolution
Seminole County Soil and Water voted to support HB 169
Orange County Soil and Water voted to support the ban

This speaks well for the fact that the people in WWALS Watershed communities care about our Environment.