Daily Archives: November 19, 2015

Old wooden Cone Bridge over the Suwannee River, takeout for WWALS outing 2015-11-22

We’ll float down the Suwannee River to this spot Sunday afternoon: come join us!

Old Cone Bridge, 1963, Suwannee River
Picture from Hamilton County, by Marsanne Petty, on page 12; found by Chris Mericle.

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WWALS informal outing on the Suwannee –Pictures by Gretchen Quarterman 2015-11-15

A nice Sunday afternoon from Suwannee Campsites to Suwannee River State Park. group photo with WWALS banner

WWALS held an informal outing for visitor Johanna deGraffenreid, Coastal Campaign Manager for Gulf Restoration Network, where she’s so newly hired she doesn’t have a picture on their staff page yet. You’ll be able to see her in action when Continue reading