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Suwannee County, FL sends resolution against Sabal Trail to FERC 2015-11-30

The one county targetted by every path proposed by Spectra Energy Resolution: move it for its Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline, Suwannee County, Florida, has told FERC it passed a resolution wanting the Hildreth compressor station moved.

Filed with FERC 30 November 2015, Accession Number: 20151130-0023, “A Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners of Suwannee County, Florida etc re Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC under CP15-17.” (PDF on WWALS website.)

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Not one hand was raised for Sabal Trail before Suwannee BOCC voted against it –Suwannee Democrat

Sabal Trail’s excuse was they didn’t know in advance, even though their attorneys sent a letter beforehand, and they didn’t show up in Albany, GA, either, with weeks of notice. Spectra Energy’s Andrea Grover told the newspaper some other things that also don’t match the public record.

Carl McKinney, Suwannee Democrat, 20 November 2015, Dozens gather in Live Oak to oppose gas pipeline, compress station,

Not one hand raised among the dozens in the room when a county commissioner asked who came to support the proposed Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline which would run through three states and dissect Suwannee County if approved.

Tuesday evening, every parking space at the county’s judicial annex building was full as O’Brien residents, people from Live Oak and activists and experts from as far as New Orleans gathered at the county commission meeting to voice their opposition to the project.

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Video of citizens and Commission against Sabal Trail in Suwannee County, FL 2015-11-17

The Commissioners unanimously voted for that resolution to ask Sabal Trail to move the Hildreth compressor station, as you can see on Suwannee County’s own video of that meeting.

First, several people spoke against the compressor station, including:

WWALS informal outing on the Suwannee –Pictures by Gretchen Quarterman 2015-11-15

A nice Sunday afternoon from Suwannee Campsites to Suwannee River State Park. group photo with WWALS banner

WWALS held an informal outing for visitor Johanna deGraffenreid, Coastal Campaign Manager for Gulf Restoration Network, where she’s so newly hired she doesn’t have a picture on their staff page yet. You’ll be able to see her in action when Continue reading

Resolution to move Sabal Trail’s Hildreth Compressor Station passed by Suwannee County BOCC

They wanted to pass this resolution, already in the handouts at the beginning of the meeting, Actually adopted Nov 17th 2015 without even waiting for citizen comments. They did listen first to a few people who had signed up to to talk about the compressor station, including WWALS member David Shields, whose family has an organic farm and discovered they’d be downwind of the compressor station, and Johanna deGraffenreid, the new Gulf Coast Campaign Coordinator for Gulf Restoration Network. Everybody else got to speak later in the meeting.

Suwannee County BOCC
David and Ginger Shields on left in audience;
Chris and Deanna Mericle directly in front of camera

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