Suwannee County landowners v. Sabal Trail surveying 2015-12-07

Suwannee County resident Debra Johnson tells us:

Suwannee County landowners vs Sabal Trail’s right to survey at Suwannee County courthouse Dec 7 at 3:30, Live Oak, FL. Landowners have lawyers.

A bit more information on Suwannee County Says “NO” To Toxic Waste 27 November 2015:

John Koch At 3:30 on December 7, there will be a hearing in the Suwannee County Courthouse regarding a motion to stop Sabal Trail from doing anymore surveys on property. While Sabal Trail claims that they have completed all of their survey activity, this is our first step in attempting to be sure when they file eminent domain proceedings, they will do it in state court instead of federal court.

A company named GeoView says:

GeoView has been selected to be part of the Sabal Trail Pipeline project. The project is a proposed 500-mile interstate natural gas pipeline that will provide transportation services for power generation needs to Florida Power and Light (“FPL”) and Duke Energy of Florida (“DEF”) beginning in May 2017. GeoView has been tasked with helping to characterize geological features along the route.

That looks like a sinkhole in the GeoView picture above.

If you live in Suwannee County or own property there, or are interested in stopping the Sabal Trail pipeline, you may want to be at that hearing Monday December 7th.


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