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Sabal Trail preparing to drill under Withlacoochee River in Georgia 2016-10-05

Update 2016-10-23: Aerial photography and videos: US 84 HDD Withlacoochee River Sabal Trail 2016-10-22: what is that yellow thing in the river, and is that round thing you’ve marked a sinkhole?

Approved Access Road, CAUTION, No Trespassing, 30.7873010, -83.4457610 Where would you guess Southeast Directional Drilling is based? Nope: Arizona. And the TRW truck has a Texas license plate. So much for local jobs where Sabal Trail is preparing to drill under the Withlacoochee River in Lowndes and Brooks Counties, Georgia, between Valdosta and Quitman.

Here is a playlist of WWALS videos, followed by a google map, and still pictures: Continue reading

Truck surveying at Withlacoochee River Lowndes County side

Follow this link for videos, more pictures, and a google map.

HDD equipment truck at Withlacoochee River Lowndes County Sabal Trail site

Follow this link for videos, more pictures, and a google map.

Suwannee County landowners v. Sabal Trail surveying 2015-12-07

Suwannee County resident Debra Johnson tells us:

Suwannee County landowners vs Sabal Trail’s right to survey at Suwannee County courthouse Dec 7 at 3:30, Live Oak, FL. Landowners have lawyers.

A bit more information on Suwannee County Says “NO” To Toxic Waste 27 November 2015: Continue reading