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Sabal Trail with gas flowing needs even more watching

The fracked methane gas flowing has provided more evidence that there is no need for Sabal Trail. Now more than ever, you can watch that pipeline like a hawk, work on revoking its permits, and help stop FERC from rubberstamping any more boondoggles.

Jamie Wachter, Suwannee Democrat, 27 June 2017 (also Waterkeeper Alliance 28 June 2017, and Valdosta Daily Times page 8A 28 June 2017 but apparently not online), Gas now flowing through Sabal Trail pipeline,

Police blocking the public
Photo: Beth Gammie for WWALS, Suwannee County, Florida, 14 January 2017
Is this a good use of Florida local and state law enforcement?
Protecting an invading, unnecessary, pipeline from the unarmed public?

The pipeline’s first phase is supposed to provide service to Florida Power & Light to meet the start of its peak cooling season, Grover said.

Note Ms. Grover’s careful phrasing Continue reading

No sign of sinkhole with equipment in it 2016-12-18

There’s a rumor that Sabal Trail has some equipment stuck in a sinkhole at the Suwannee River. Multiple people have gone and videoed and seen nothing like that there, on either side of the Suwannee River. We’ve also checked the Withlacoochee River at US84: nothing like that is visible at the visible HDD site in Georgia (it could be at the Brooks County, GA site that we can’t see).

The drilling equipment formerly at the Martin Lane Withlacoochee HDD site in Lowndes County, Georgia is gone, and the drill truck photographed recently at the Suwannee south bank HDD site looks like the same Southeast Directional Drilling truck with the Arizona address on its side.

Southeast Directional Drilling, 3117 North Cessna Ave., Casa Grande, AZ 85122, 520-423-2131, www.southeastdrilling.com,

Incidentally, unlike some other Sabal Trail contractors, Continue reading

Sabal Trail preparing to drill under Withlacoochee River in Georgia 2016-10-05

Update 2016-10-23: Aerial photography and videos: US 84 HDD Withlacoochee River Sabal Trail 2016-10-22: what is that yellow thing in the river, and is that round thing you’ve marked a sinkhole?

Approved Access Road, CAUTION, No Trespassing, 30.7873010, -83.4457610 Where would you guess Southeast Directional Drilling is based? Nope: Arizona. And the TRW truck has a Texas license plate. So much for local jobs where Sabal Trail is preparing to drill under the Withlacoochee River in Lowndes and Brooks Counties, Georgia, between Valdosta and Quitman.

Here is a playlist of WWALS videos, followed by a google map, and still pictures: Continue reading

Truck surveying at Withlacoochee River Lowndes County side

Follow this link for videos, more pictures, and a google map.

HDD equipment truck at Withlacoochee River Lowndes County Sabal Trail site

Follow this link for videos, more pictures, and a google map.