Sabal Trail pipeline route discussion, Suwannee Board of County Commissioners, 2015-12-01

Beyond asking to move the Sabal Trail compressor station, the Suwannee County Board of Commissioners (SBOCC) will consider what else it wants.

218 Parshley St. SW, Live Oak, FL 32064 SBOCC Meeting — Sabal Trail pipeline route discussion by SBOCC tonight — I was told — 6 pm Parshley Street in Live Oak — right behind Post Office off Ohio Ave (MLK BLVD).

Please attend if able. —Debra Johnson

Will Sabal Trail continue to hide behind the federal Pipeline Safety Act even after two more whistleblowers have come forward about Spectra Energy?

Will Sabal Trail again have their lawyers send a letter yet complain in the newspaper they didn’t know in advance?

Will Sabal Trail double down on not considering changing the route?

Suwannee County is the latest of many counties and cities to pass resolutions and elected officials to write letters opposing the Sabal Trail pipeline. Nobody wants this invader from Houston, Texas.

Spectra go home!

Local people, tonight’s meeting is in the pictured building, at 218 Parshley St. SW, Live Oak, FL 32064.


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