4610 foot explored cave at McIntyre Spring, Withlacoochee River, Georgia

Did you know there’s an almost mile-long cave system under the Withlacoochee River between Lowndes and Brooks Counties, Georgia? Valdosta cave-diver Guy Bryant wrote a fascinating in-depth blog about McIntyre Spring, including this map he drew, and the picture below of him in this cave system that starts in the river bottom.

There’s no land access, so don’t trespass. And don’t try to go in the cave even from boats unless you really know what you’re doing. It’s been visited by some of the most famous cave divers in the world, a couple of whom are no longer with us due to accidents in other underground caverns.

But do please go read Guy Bryant’s blog post.

An old photo of Guy Bryant taken by Gene Powel at the jump to the Cold Tunnel about 800 feet back in the cave, Aug 2007, McIntyre Springs, Withlacoochee River, Georgia.

Thanks to VSU Biology Professor Emeritus David Bechler for finding Guy Bryant’s blog post.

WWALS knows of three other springs on the Withlacoochee River: two at Blue Spring just south of US 84 (one in the river, one in Brooks County), and Arnold Springs, less than two miles upstream from the state line. If you know of others, please let us know.


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