Sabal Trail Jury Trial in Valdosta, GA 2018-06-25

Update 2018-06-26: Cross examination starts at 9AM today in the Sabal Trail Jury Trial in Valdosta. John S. Quarterman went to the oral arguments yesterday afternoon.

Update 2018-06-25: Oral arguments start 1PM today in the Sabal Trail Jury Trial in Valdosta. Gretchen went to jury selection this morning, which wrapped up rapidly.

PDF flyer.

Maybe this will end up like the last jury trial, which didn’t go so well for Sabal Trail. Come see!

Photo by Mjrmtg on Wikimedia Commons of Federal Building, Valdosta, GA, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. The date, case number, judge, and defendant, are from Attorney Jonathan P. Waters. Anything additional I have dug up.

When: 1PM, Monday, June 23, 2018, and may run all week.


Main Courtroom, Second Floor, U.S. District Court 401 N Patterson St., Valdosta, GA 31601

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Judge Clay D. Land Judge: Clay D. Land, Chief U.S. District Judge, Middle District of Georgia

Case No.: 4:16-cv-102 in the Middle District of Georgia,

Defendant: W. Lynn Lasseter, who, according to a 21 May 2018 Order of Judge Land from Columbus:

owns 75.10 acres near Moultrie, Georgia. Sabal Trail filed a motion to prevent Lasseter’s expert, Jeanne Easom, from offering testimony based on Lasseter’s plan to subdivide 34.59 acres of his property and develop a gated community because Easom did not determine whether the gated community is financially feasible.

More Background: Order of 10 June 2016 by Judge Land.

Courthouse Screening: “All visitors to the courthouses in the Middle District of Georgia will be screened for security purposes. Brief cases, purses, packages, and the like will be x-rayed; no weapons of any kind, cameras, or recording devices are allowed in the courthouses.”

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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  1. Terre Tulsiak

    I once had an attorney tell me on the phone that “Once ‘they’ have decided they want what you have, resistance is futile, unless you have PLENTY of money. We can file objections all day long without even leaving our office. Scum”

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