WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting, Draft Agenda 2018-10-21

Draft Agenda
WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting
2:00-4PM, Sunday, 21 October 2018
South Georgia Regional Library, 2906 Julia Dr, Valdosta, GA 31602
Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3580
Meeting ID: 855-676
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Water quality monitoring, water trails, WWALS Boomerang Paddle Race, Paddle Georgia, Alapaha Quest, festivals, projects and programs, pipelines, LNG export, phosphate mines, and more.

Invited to attend: WWALS members, especially committee members, and the general public.
All WWALS Board Members are expected to attend in person or by telephone.
The more done on the board list, the less time we have to spend in this meeting.

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Board Members:

  • John S. Quarterman (President, Chair PR, Testing, Trails, and Watershed Issues Committees, and Suwannee Riverkeeper®)*,
  • Tom Potter (Senior Vice President and Chair Science Committee)*
  • Gretchen Quarterman (Treasurer, Chair Membership and Grant-Writing Committees, and Acting Executive Director)*
  • Bret Wagenhorst
  • Phil Hubbard (Secretary)*
  • Shirley Kokidko (Assistant Secretary for pointing the video camera)*
  • Eileen Box (Chair Events Committee)
  • Dan Phillips (Chair of the Water Trails Committee)
  • Bobby McKenzie (Chair Testing Committee)

* Executive Committee


  1. Call to Order including welcoming guests and explaining how this meeting is conducted (anyone can speak; only board members vote; try to stick to the topic at hand).
  2. Secretary
    1. Agenda Review: Additions and Changes
    2. Ritual Complaint That The Agenda Is Too Long
    3. Approve Minutes
      1. 8 July 2018 WWALS Annual Member Meeting
      2. 8 July 2018 WWALS Quarterly Board Meeting
      3. Vote: Record in minutes of this WWALS board meeting the Email votes by WWALS Board or Executive Committee since previous WWALS Quarterly Board Meetings (see Secretary Report).
    4. Next Meetings:
      1. 2PM Sunday, 20 January 2019 WWALS Quarterly Board meeting at SGR Library Valdosta? Set day of week, date, time, and place.
      2. See also Outings Committee and Events Committee.
  3. Treasurer
    1. Update on Paypal account change – nothing new still not successful in name change.
    2. See Financial Update Report
  4. President
    1. Could use more board members, officers, and chairs. See President Report.
    Suwannee Riverkeeper logo
  5. Suwannee Riverkeeper (advocacy); see Report.
  6. Acting ED (business)
    1. Projects and Programs.
    2. WWALS should reprint ARWT Brochure, with updates and fixes.
    3. Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail Brochure: we have money to print one ($500 from Valdosta-Lowndes Tourism, and we can make up the difference).
  7. Committee items for discussion or vote are in agenda; see appended reports for details.
  8. Advisory Committee: Chair Ambassador Dave Hetzel
    1. Members?
    2. Meetings?
  9. Membership Committee: Chair Gretchen Quarterman; see Report
    1. Measurable goals, new members.
  10. Grant-writing Committee: Chair Gretchen Quarterman; see Report
    1. Seven Rivers kiosk grant proposal
    2. New Georgia 319 Grant
    3. Would someone else like to chair this committee?
  11. Events Committee: Chair Eileen Box; see Report
    1. Review of last quarter events
    2. SoSMP: effectiveness of festivals, Suwannee River Roots Revival, Hulaween, Suwannee Spring Reunion, and Wanee
    3. Review of local festivals (Happening, Pride, Harvest, HoneyBee, Azalea, Folklife, Skillet, Alapaha Station, etc.)
  12. Songwriting Contest Committee: Chair needed
    1. First Annual Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting Contest at Paddle Georgia?
  13. Outings Committee: needs Chair; see Report.
    1. WWALS Boomerang, Sat. 3 Nov 2018
    2. BIG Little River Paddle Race, Reed Bingham SP, Sat. 27 Apr 2019
    3. Paddle Georgia, June 2018
    4. Regular Banks Lake Full Moon evening paddles
    5. Review Outings Checklist.
    6. 2018 Alapaha Quest to cover Alapaha River Water Trail in 10 or so outings.
    7. Scheduling regular monthly outings to cover other rivers.
  14. Public Relations Committee: Chair John S. Quarterman; see Report.
    1. Really need people sharing and inviting to events and sharing press releases.
    2. Newsletter (previously under Membership): please add to it before end of month.
    3. Could use more people doing PR.
  15. Watershed Issues Committee: Chair John S. Quarterman. See Issues Report.
    1. GA-EPD spill publication resolution
    2. LNG export lawsuit pending
    3. Legal petition against Suwannee River BMAPs?
  16. Testing Committee: Chair Bobby McKenzie; See Testing Committee Report.
    1. Got people trained; got a kit; now do some testing
    2. Bought a bunch of supplies in October for testing
  17. Science Committee: Chair Tom Potter See Science Committee Report.
  18. Trails Committee: Chair Dan Phillips; see Report
    1. Finish brochures for both water trails
  19. How busy everybody is
  20. Executive Session to discuss potential or pending litigation.
  21. Reconvene from Executive Session and vote on any resulting items.
  22. Adjourn