WWALS water trail signs on WALB TV about river levels 2021-02-18

Update 2021-02-21: Water levels discussed in Clean downstream Friday Withlacoochee River 2021-02-19.

Hat tip to Suzy Hall for spotting the WWALS water trail signs at Troupville Boat Ramp on TV yesterday.

[Left: Troupville Boat Ramp; Right: YMCA, Statenville Boat Ramp]
Left: Troupville Boat Ramp; Right: YMCA, Statenville Boat Ramp

Yes, that’s the WWALS Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WLRWT) sign at Troupville Boat Ramp. Jennifer Morejon, WALB TV, February 18, 2021, Heavy rain causing river level concerns for South Georgia.

Water levels and rainfall are indeed a concern, especially as they affect water quality. See for example this week’s Tifton Sewage Spills 2021-02-16.

[Etiquette, Troupville Boat Ramp WLRWT sign]
Etiquette, Troupville Boat Ramp WLRWT sign

The Little River is pretty high at Troupville Boat Ramp:

[Troupville Boat Ramp]
Troupville Boat Ramp

In all this rain, will Valdosta’s new catch basin prevent spills from its Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Plant? Will there be Valdosta manhole spills such as the recent one on Mildred Street, or from the notorious Wainwright Drive manhole? What about Quitman, whose April, 2020, spill apparently contaminated both the Withlacoochee and Suwannee Rivers? What about Adel? Ray City? Lakeland? Rochelle and Ashburn?

Here’s what that sign looks like without the bullet holes. Actually, this is a slightly newer version, that we will use to replace the old sign when it gets shot up too much. Or can y’all please stop shooting up these water trail signs?


WALB showed both WLRWT signs:

[WLRWT signs, Troupville Boat Ramp]
WLRWT signs, Troupville Boat Ramp

Here’s what’s on the bottom sign, which is specific to the location:

[Not RTP: Troupville-Boat-Ramp-Sign.pdf]

They also showed some video of the Alapaha River at Statenville Boat Ramp:

[Statenville Boat Ramp]
Statenville Boat Ramp

We have a pair of signs printed for there, too, and they will be planted soon, on the Alapaha River Water Trail (ARWT):

[Alapaha River signpost: Statenville Boat Ramp]
Alapaha River signpost: Statenville Boat Ramp

At another familiar location, they showed Valdosta YMCA CEO Lawrence S. Tobey III explaining that the Withlacoochee River comes up in the parking lot:

“Grass and grounds we actually utilize for summer camp and all of our activities. You wouldn’t see any water here at all, so about a quarter of a mile back is where the river is traditionally and it would encroach our property for a quarter of a mile when it floods this way,” said Lawrence S. Tobey III, Valdosta’s YMCA’s President and CEO.

He tells me this is an annual occurrence.

Every time there’s more than three to four consecutive days of rain, he says this happens.

“In 2009, obviously there was record rainfall and we actually flooded inside the building about three feet and closed the Y closed down for about six weeks,” said Tobey.

Tobey says they’re now fully insured and prepared if something were to happen again.

[YMCA, Lawrence S. Tobey III]
YMCA, Lawrence S. Tobey III

Thanks, Jennifer Morejon:

[Reporter, Jennifer Morejon]
Reporter, Jennifer Morejon

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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