High Springs 500-gallon sewage spill, mostly cleaned up 2022-07-07

Update 2022-07-29: Good Water Quality, Withlacoochee, Little, Alapaha Rivers 2022-07-28.

Well, I missed this one. FDEP says it was reported on July 7th, but it wasn’t in their 30-day map last time I looked, so I’m not sure when it showed up.

[FDEP report, aerial, WWALS map]
FDEP report, aerial, WWALS map

At only 500 gallons, 200 of that recovered, it probably didn’t have much effect on the Santa Fe River or its springs.

The address given seems to be a typo. The real address appears to be High Springs Waste Water Plant, 25555 NW 158 Ave, High Springs, FL 32643 29.796876, -82.616801

[High Springs Waste Water Plant in WWALS SRWT map]
High Springs Waste Water Plant in WWALS map of the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail.

Public Notice of Pollution (PNP) Finder: Last 30 Days
Florida Department of Environmental Protection

SSO 2022-5010

Incident # 20225010

Incident Name SSO 2022-5010

Incident Report Incident Description: 4″ Schedule 40 PVC elbow separated from line, had to dig down to it and take pressure off section so repair could be made.
Wastewater Type: Untreated
Cause: Break-in-Line
Spill Volume: 500
Volume Recovered: 200
Waterbodies Impacted: N
Clean-up Status: Complete
Clean-up Actions: Vacuumed/pump truck, Applied lime, Washed down area, Raked and disposed of debris, Signs posted
Agencies Notified:

Report Date/Time 7/7/2022, 12:29 PM

Facility Name High Springs WWTF

Facility Address Line 1 Southwest 25th Avenue

Facility Address Line 2

Facility Directions Southwest 25th Avenue

Facility City High Springs

Facility State FL

Facility ZIP 32643

Contact Name Richard Cason

Contact Email rcason@highsprings.us

Contact Phone # 3522582763

Affected Counties Alachua

[Sewer Plant Aerial by High Springs Public Works]
Sewer Plant Aerial by High Springs Public Works

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