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Peoples Bridge, Suwannee River 2022-11-27

Update 2022-12-13: Alligator, Church, Peoples Bridge, Suwannee River –Ken Sulak 1880-07-13.

Ken Sulak remarked, “I also want to visit the ‘Peoples Bridge’ site on the Suwannee a few miles downstream of the Cone Bridge. This was a wooden foot and wagon bridge possibly built by the congregation of the Oak Grove Church around 1870 so folks on the Hamilton side could attend church on the Columbia side.

“The double row of old cutoff timber pilings emerges at low water.”

The pilings are supposed to be visible when the White Springs Gauge is below 51.0 feet.

[Emerged tops of cutoff pilings of the People's Bridge. --Ken Sulak]
Emerged tops of cutoff pilings of the People’s Bridge. –Ken Sulak

Does anybody know the whereabouts or history of this Oak Grove Church?

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Pictures: Banks Lake Full Cold Moon paddle 2022-12-07

Quite a few happy boaters, on a balmy weekday at an early start time, saw the sun set and the moon already rising, on the Banks Lake Full Cold Moon Paddle.

Thanks to Shirley Kokidko for leading it.

[Banners, Kayak Raffle Winner, Sunset, Moonrise, Banks Lake 2022-12-07]
Banners, Kayak Raffle Winner, Sunset, Moonrise, Banks Lake 2022-12-07

The next one is Friday, January 6, 2023.

Please make your boat reservations in advance. If we know more boats are wanted than the limited number at Banks Lake Outdoors, we can bring more, but not if we don’t know.

And please get there before the safety lecture. If you show up after that, we don’t like to, but we will turn you away. Gather time and paddle time are posted for each paddle outing. The safety lecture is before we paddle. Continue reading

Valdosta Utilities speedily addressed sewage smell 2022-11-18

Thanks to Valdosta Utilities for speedily fixing a sewage smell issue that someone reported anonymously and vaguely through Click ‘n’ Fix. .

[Report and fix in Seeclickfix]
Report and fix in Seeclickfix

Once Valdosta Utilities addressed Click ‘n’ Fix report 13713615, they found the manhole that was open and put its cover on.

There is room for improvement. The report was on a Friday, and there was no response until Monday. It could have been an actual sewer spill, continuing all weekend. But it wasn’t.

And although Utilities asked for better location information, they found the problem anyway and fixed it.

They didn’t say it was somebody else’s problem.

They didn’t blame the person who reported it.

They didn’t ask for volunteers to clean it up.

They got out there and did their job in one day. Continue reading

Video: Kayak raffle winner @ Banks Lake Full Cold Moon paddle 2022-12-07

This only ever happened once before: the WWALS kayak raffle winner was standing there at the drawing.

[Kayak Raffle Drawing]
Kayak Raffle Drawing

WWALS Executive Director Gretchen Quarterman had already transcribed the online tickets onto paper tickets like all the others. Continue reading