Videos: Troupville Nature Park and River Camp, Trash, Cleanups –Helen Tapp & Suwannee Riverkeeper @ Scott James Radio 2022-12-15

Helen Tapp was still around after Lowndes County bought land from her for a nature preserve, so I asked Scott James to get her on his radio show, in which we talked nature preserve and trash.

[Movie: Thanks --Scott James, Helen Tapp]
Movie: Thanks –Scott James, Helen Tapp

We learned a few new things: the Valdosta YMCA is working on providing Withlacoochee River access just downstream from the railroad bridge and Sugar Creek, with no boardwalk required.

And the Mayor predicts that Valdosta United Way and the City Council will each provide $2,000 towards two additional WaterGoat trash traps.

Helen Tapp discussed that recent purchase to make a nature preserve at the Little River Confluence with the Withlacoochee River. She and Suwaneee Riverkeeper John S. Quarterman and Valdosta Mayor Scott James talked about eight miles of river right next to Valdosta, with chainsaw cleanups to make it more accessible down to Troupville River Camp, where the Chairman and Mayor’s Paddle will depart March 4, 2023.

These WWALS videos include the rest of the interview, after a cable provider knocked Talk 92.1 FM off the air for the morning. Including another cleanup downstream on the Withlacoochee River from Knights Ferry to Nankin Boat Ramp. Valdosta is the source of most of that trash, there have been some good recent trash developments on Barack Obama Blvd., in Langdale Park and near Troupville Boat Ramp. The Mayor predicted two more WaterGoat trash traps using funds from Valdosta United Way and the Valdosta City Council. Oh, and enforce the city’s trash ordinances.

The Mayor agreed to go look at a trash problem on St. Augustine Road, which he did that same morning, see separate WWALS video in separate blog post.

We all discussed Helen’s idea of an annual festival at the educational pavillion to be built on her former land near the Little River Confluence, with art competitions, paddle races, water craft design competitions, geocaching, national speakers, poetry, and more. We might even move the Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting Contest there. It has to be ADA accessible, which is doable.

Listeners in Florida: this all affects you, since we’re trying to get less trash floating down the river into Florida.

Helen and Scott agreed that WWALS is the lion’s share of this work, but we need community-wide cooperation.

Here is a WWALS video playlist of the entire conversation:

Videos: Troupville Nature Preserve and Trash –Helen Tapp & Suwannee Riverkeeper @ Scott James Radio 2022-12-15
Videos by John S. Quarterman for WWALS Watershed Coalition (WWALS).

Here are WWALS videos of the main topics:

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

You can join this fun and work by becoming a WWALS member today!

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