Valdosta sprays Glyphosate on elephant ears 2023-02-19

Update 2023-04-05: Maps: Valdosta Stormwater Pond Facility Clusters 2023-03-01.

The most interesting parts of the response to the open records request I sent to Valdosta about spraying are the summary by Stormwater Manager Angela Bray, and the Stormwater Pond Facility Clusters.

I agree with her first two points, but am confused by her other two.

[ORR Response and Stormwater Pond Facility Clusters]
ORR Response and Stormwater Pond Facility Clusters

This is the main part of the Stormwater Manager’s summary:

“Documentation of what specific chemicals the City of Valdosta sprays near waterways, for what purpose, any schedule of such spraying, and the contract with the contractor that does the spraying.”

  1. The City of Valdosta uses Ranger Pro. This chemical is used for elephant ears only and directly sprayed to the plant on calm (non-windy)/sunny days. Ranger Pro is only used when water is not present, even though it is sprayed directly on the plant and never directly in the water. The chemical is mixed and applied according to the label. It should be noted that the City has cut back tremendously on spraying due to previously wet years. No current schedule has or will be set since the use/location is determined by water levels. Currently, spraying is only used when a request has been made by a citizen; however, never done if water is visible.
  2. The contractor used for our canals DOES NOT use chemicals in any waterbody; although allowed per our contract (see page 15). Everything is maintained by hand (weed eater and/or lawnmower). This is a personal preference by the owner due to cost and accountability.
  3. Please see attachments above for the contractor used for Mill Pond which includes his license and number.
  4. In reference to: [This is the spraying referred to by Stormwater Director Angela Bray in seeclickfix #12819783:] — My crew was unable to spray this area due to water levels; therefore, this task was never completed.

Please let me know if any additional request is made.

Angela K. Bray, Stormwater & Arbor Manager
City of Valdosta — Engineering Department

Ranger Pro is 41% Glyphosate, compared to 50.2% Glyphosate in Roundup Pro Concentrate. So they are basically the same thing, except Ranger Pro has slightly less of the active ingredient and costs less.

I must say I agree with the Stormwater Manager about not using it if there is water present.

I’m not following why her point 2 refers to the contractor used for canals, but her point 3 references attachments for the contactor used for Mill Pond (presumably Joree Millpond). So who is the contractor used for the canals?

Stormwater Pond Facility Clusters.

For this whole document, see JF-ORR-2023-71-John-Quarterman-Bid-21-21-22-Stormwater-and-Canal-Maintenance-022023.pdf.

Many of the locations listed do not say what creek they drain to. Later I may try to deduce where the various unnamed tributaries go. None of them say where any of the creeks go. Most of them drain to Sugar Creek and the Withlacoochee River. Duke Bay Canal goes to Mud Swamp Creek, the Alapahoochee River, and the Alapaha River.



All the documents received in response to the open records requests are on the WWALS website.

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