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Rescheduled: Suwannee River Chainsaw Cleanup 2023-03-19

We’re rescheduling to Sunday March 19th, with a fallback of Sunday March 26th, because the deadfalls are underwater, with the Suwannee River four feet higher than when we last chainsawed on that stretch.

You do not have to use a saw to join us as we clear three or four more deadfalls on the last five Suwannee River miles down to Fargo.

[Handsaws also useful; Photo: Shirley Kokidko 2022-12-29]
Handsaws also useful; Photo: Shirley Kokidko 2022-12-29

Thanks to Adam Schock of the Conservation Fund for permission to use Three Steps Landing. That will make this one a lot easier than last time.

When: Gather 10 AM, launch 11 AM, end 4 PM, Sunday, March 19, 2023

Put In: Three Steps Landing. Meet at Fargo Ramp and we’ll sort out the shuttle.

Take Out: Fargo Ramp, Half a mile southeast of Fargo on US 441, the boat ramp is on the northeast side of US 441 and on the west (right bank) of the Suwannee River, in Clinch County, Georgia. Continue reading

New CEOs for Southern Company and Georgia Power 2023-01-09

Will the new guard at Southern Company do anything new?

I’ve been asking now-former Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning for a decade now: what do you want your legacy to be? That way-over-budget and years-behind nuclear Plant Vogtle? Or leading the country in solar and wind power and storage? And When are we going to see a real effect on climate change?

[Tom Fanning (ex SO CEO), Chris Womack (SO CEO), Kim Greene (Georgia Power CEO)]
Tom Fanning (ex SO CEO), Chris Womack (SO CEO), Kim Greene (Georgia Power CEO)

He held on until Plant Vogtle is almost finished.

[jsq and Tom Fanning at breakfast 2023-05-25]
jsq and Tom Fanning at breakfast 2023-05-25

Georgia Power CEO Chris Womack is the new SO CEO. Continue reading

Paddling in the treetops 2023-02-13 and for real two years ago 2021-02-27 2023-02-13

Update 2023-02-16: River Low, Action, and Flood Stages 2023-02-16.

“Right now we’d be paddling in the treetops,” joked Lowndes County Chairman Bill Slaughter, Monday at the Lowndes County Commission Work Session, about the upcoming Fourth Annual Mayor and Chairman’s Paddle, Withlacoochee River 2023-03-04.

Well, five of us actually did that two years ago, February 27, 2021. As I wrote back then, “ it was smooth sailing for experienced paddlers. The overhanging branches would have been a problem for novices, and there were very few places to get out if you did capsize.”

[Chairman says paddling in the treetops, and for real two years ago]
Chairman says paddling in the treetops, and for real two years ago

“It would be a very short trip, I promise you,” Lowndes County EMA Director Ashley Tye replied to the Chairman.

Two years ago it took about four hours to paddle those 11 miles from Troupville Boat Ramp to Spook Bridge, from 9 AM to a little after 1 PM, without rushing. That’s fast, 2.75 miles an hour, compared to our default estimate of 5.5 hours at two miles an hour.

Back then the Hahira Gauge, on the Little River at GA 122, read about 13.73 feet. Continue reading