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Clean Rivers 2023-03-09

Update 2023-03-17: Clean Rivers 2023-03-16.

Update 2023-03-17: Tifton Evergreen Drive Sewage Spill 2023-03-11.

It rained this evening, but probably not enough to wash much contamination into the rivers, which were very clean before, according to WWALS water quality tests. So I would paddle, fish, or swim this weekend.

Actually, I’ll be at the Azalea Festival in Valdosta Saturday and Sunday.

[Chart, Rivers, Swim Guide Map]
Chart, Rivers, Swim Guide Map

No new sewage spills were reported in the past week. However, Tifton got around to reporting today a spill from a month ago. Continue reading

Beyond cleanups: trash traps, ordinances, business permits, reusable substitutes, bottle deposits, and single-use packaging bans 2023-02-05

Update 2023-03-29: Trash still dribbling from 2695 N Ashley St into Two Mile Branch 2023-02-24.

Every Waterkeeper and many local and even state governments brag about trash cleanups. Cleanups need to be done, but actually they are the least effective way to deal with trash. They do not stop trash; they just remove it once it blows off roads or parking lots or floats downstream.

So let’s look up, to see more effective solutions.

[Solid waste management hierarchy]
Solid waste management hierarchy

Here WWALS has adapted an industry-standard waste management hierarchy diagram. We’ve gone farther than just cleaning up, containing, or even reusing the trash. Our diagram goes all the way up to stopping it being produced.

Let’s start at the pointy bottom of the pyramid. Continue reading

SRWMD to acquire Camp & Abel Tract, Hamilton County, Suwannee River 2023-03-14

If I’m reading this correctly, SRWMD discussed maybe buying only one of two tracts, or maybe just getting a conservation easement, and then decided to buy both of these tracts on the Suwannee River in Hamilton County.

This is on the agenda for next Tuesday’s Board Meeting of the Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD).

9 AM, Tuesday, March 14, 2023, at SRWMD HQ, 9225 Co Rd 49, Live Oak, FL 32060.

GoTo Webinar Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2418452120888926044

Public Comment Form Link: www.MySuwanneeRiver.com/Comments

[Camp & Abel 1 & 2]
Camp & Abel 1 & 2

The tracts are rather far apart, Tract 1 being upstream from FL 6 across from Columbia County, and Tract 2 being downstream from Woods Ferry River Camp, which is across the river in Suwannee County.

Also on the agenda is an agreement with the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) for above-ground and underground water laboratory analysis.

I didn’t see anything interesting in the Continue reading