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Suwannee Riverkeeper will talk trash with Valdosta Mayor Scott James, Radio 92.1 FM 2023-03-24

Update 2023-03-24: Videos: Trash, Okefenokee, Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting, WWALS Gala on Scott James radio 92.1.FM 2023-03-24.

Friday morning at 8:30 AM, Suwannee Riverkeeper will talk trash with Valdosta Mayor Scott James Matheson on his radio show, Talk 92.1 FM.

WWALS and the City of Valdosta are doing a cleanup Saturday at Two Mile Branch; meet at 507 Mack Drive and park on Howell Brook Drive. The city is finally moving a bit on trash traps, but there is much more to do, including having the City Marshalls inform businesses of the city trash ordinances, including potential fines and other penalties.

[Radio, Two Mile Branch]
Radio, Two Mile Branch

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Videos: Lake Beatrice, Alapaha River, GA-EPD Seed Grants @ SSRWPC 2023-03-14

They mostly reviewed changes to the plan they approved at the last meeting, back in November, at this meeting in Nashville, Georgia, of Georgia’s Suwannee-Satilla Regional Water Planning Council.

The biggest agenda item was discussion of the Lake Beatrice dam project, which is intended to impound water as a recreational facility for Ben Hill County and to replenish the Alapaha River when it is low.

[Attendees and Lake Beatrice project @ SSRWPC 2023-03-14]
Attendees and Lake Beatrice project @ SSRWPC 2023-03-14

Chair Scott Downing made an interesting point that we do this all the time via drinking water withdrawals, which go back into streams as outfall from wastewater treatment plants. This is why Lake Beatrice has enough incoming water to dam: outfall from the Ben Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant, which goes into Turkey Creek, Lake Beatrice, Willacoochee Creek, the Willacoochee River, and the Alapaha River.

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Futchs Ferry Landing, Withlacoochee River 2023-03-21

Here’s one of the least known landings on the Withlacoochee River: Futchs Ferry Landing.

It’s in Berrien County, Georgia, southwest of Ray City, on Futchs Ferry Road, which becomes Old Coffee Road on the Cook County side of the river.. It’s downstream from Youngs Mill Creek Landing (2.37 miles) and upstream from Hagan Bridge Landing (10.58 miles), on the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WLRWT).

[Entrance, Withlacoochee River: Futchs Ferry Landing 2023-03-21]
Entrance, Withlacoochee River: Futchs Ferry Landing 2023-03-21


That first step, sharp right off the graveled area, is a bit rough.

Do not go through the gate: that’s posted private property. Continue reading