Rescheduled: Withlacoochee River Chainsaw Cleanup 2023-06-24

We are rescheduling this Saturday’s chainsaw cleanup, due to water level too high and more rainfall predicted all week causing the Withlacoochee River to stay high.

We are merging it with the other cleanup on the same stretch of the river: Sugar Creek to Troupville, Withlacoochee River Cleanup 2023-07-22. Russell Allen McBride will lead the regular cleanup, and Phil Hubbard will lead the chainsaw cleanup. The groups of paddlers will probably proceed at different speeds. See:

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[Gauges, target deadfall]
Gauges, target deadfall

The Skipper Bridge gauge has predictions of water levels. Which show that gauge reaching Action Stage by Wednesday, and staying within a foot of it on Saturday.

[Skipper Bridge Withlacoochee River Gauge]
Skipper Bridge Withlacoochee River Gauge

The US 41 gauge usually follows about a day behind. So it can also be expected to be similar or higher Saturday than it is today, which is a foot below Action Stage at almost 122 feet NAVD88.

[US 41 Valdosta Withlacoochee River Gauge]
US 41 Valdosta Withlacoochee River Gauge

When I took this picture of our main target deadfall, the US 41 gauge read about 116′ NAVD88.

[Get low and go under Crowe Deadfall, 2023-07-30, 14:33:05, 30.8539092, -83.3374538]
Get low and go under Crowe Deadfall, 2023-07-30, 14:33:05, 30.8539092, -83.3374538

122′ NAVD88 is six feet higher. Which means the entire deadfall is underwater. Can’t chainsaw it in those conditions.

So please join us on Saturday, July 22, 2023, for the combined regular and chainsaw cleanups.

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