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Naylor to Mayday Paddle, Alapaha River 2023-08-12

Update 2023-07-31: After a scouting trip it has been determined this outing is NOT for beginners. The river is low but some of the rocky shoals, ledges and chutes are challenging.

Parking for the takeout at Mayday is soft dirt/sand and not suitable for vehicles that can’t handle rough conditions.

We’re not canceling unless the river drops too low or in case of thunderstorms. We also have some outings coming up that will be more suitable for all paddlers.

Paddle 11.24 miles on the Alapaha from Naylor to Mayday, through significant shoals, past several creeks.

Shirley Kokidko, leading this paddle, says, “I really want the shuttle to begin on time at 9, Mayday is a popular beach and parking is helter skelter.”

Suwannee Riverkeeper John S. Quarterman noted, “You can help us solve the mystery of why is Cow Creek always foaming.”

Shirley adds, “Be prepared at the end to climb up the sandhill at Mayday. It’s tough getting boats uphill in the deep sand, I’m not sure wheels are much help.”

When: Gather 9 AM, launch 10 AM, end 4 PM, Saturday, August 12, 2023

Put In: Naylor Boat Ramp, 6955 US 84 E, Naylor, GA 31641, right bank, west of the river, north of US 84, in Lowndes County.

GPS: 30.924282, -83.038427

[River Bend Rapids, Foaming Cow Creek, Naylor Landing Sandhill 2016-05-07]
River Bend Rapids, Foaming Cow Creek, Naylor Landing Sandhill 2016-05-07

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Nutrien phosphate mine on the ground 2023-05-12

Update 2023-06-11: Crossings under CR 6 by Nutrien Phosphate Mine 2023-06-10.

A little birdie dropped these pictures, which were taken near Fivemile Still Road off of Woodpecker Route (CR 135), in Hamilton County, Florida, northeast of White Springs.

The locations are all less than a mile up Fivemile Still Road, which was closed above that.

[Inside the Nutrien phosphate mine, Hamilton County, Florida]
Inside the Nutrien phosphate mine, Hamilton County, Florida

Fivemile Still Road parallels Long Branch, which runs into the Suwannee River above Big Shoals Tract Launch.

Or did. Hard to say where Long Branch runs after all this mining. Continue reading

New Executive Director, One Valdosta Lowndes 2023-05-23

The Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce, host of One Valdosta-Lowndes (OVL), invited WWALS to a reception for the new OVL Executive Director, Mary Beth Brownlee.

[OVL E.D. Mary Beth Brownlee]
OVL E.D. Mary Beth Brownlee

Mary Beth Brownlee was previously with Association County Commissioners of Georgia.

I congratulated her on her new appointment.

She agreed that Troupville River Camp is top of OVL’s project list. Continue reading