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Pictures: Mayday to Statenville, Alapaha River 2024-05-11

We saw many creeks and seeps, and a few shoals barely visible as waves, on the Alapaha River from Mayday to Statenville, all in Echols County, Georgia, Saturday, May 11, 2024.

[Creeks, seeps, waves over shoals, and many power boats, Mayday to Statenville, Alapaha River 2024-04-11]
Creeks, seeps, waves over shoals, and many power boats, Mayday to Statenville, Alapaha River 2024-04-11

We had two chainsaws and two handsaws, but did not need to saw any deadfalls to get through.

We did see more power boats than I’ve ever seen on that river.

Thanks to Shawn O’Connor for leading, and to everyone else for paddling.

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Nutrien phosphate mine on the ground 2023-05-12

Update 2023-06-11: Crossings under CR 6 by Nutrien Phosphate Mine 2023-06-10.

A little birdie dropped these pictures, which were taken near Fivemile Still Road off of Woodpecker Route (CR 135), in Hamilton County, Florida, northeast of White Springs.

The locations are all less than a mile up Fivemile Still Road, which was closed above that.

[Inside the Nutrien phosphate mine, Hamilton County, Florida]
Inside the Nutrien phosphate mine, Hamilton County, Florida

Fivemile Still Road parallels Long Branch, which runs into the Suwannee River above Big Shoals Tract Launch.

Or did. Hard to say where Long Branch runs after all this mining. Continue reading

US 41 closed between Lake Park, GA, and Jennings, FL, near Alapahoochee River 2023-02-10

Judging by the continuing downpour, I’d guess US 41 will stay closed through today at least.

[Map, US 41 Road closed, 2023-02-11]
Map, US 41 Road closed, 2023-02-11

The GDOT press release is pretty vague about where the water is across the road, so there are some guesses below, after the press release.

Maybe somebody around Lake Park or Jennings can send some pictures.

GDOT Press Alert, Friday, February 10, 2023 Lowndes and Echols Counties: State Route 7 in Lakepark , GA to Jennings, FL is closed due to water over the roadway, Continue reading