Draft Conditions from the Planning Commission to the BoCC on SE 23-01 3RT Sand Mine, Levy County, FL 2023-07-20

Update 2023-08-14: Levy county sand mine petition 2023-08-11.

The Levy County Commission is meeting tomorrow morning, Tuesday, July 25, 2023, at 9 AM. It’s always good to show up and be seen, maybe say a few words, even if your item of interest is not on the agenda. Or contact your Commissioner via telephone or email.

There will be no decision about the 3RT Sand Mine tomorrow. The agenda includes:

16. PUBLIC HEARING: Requesting the Levy County Board of County Commissioners grant the request for continuation by applicant for PETITION NO SE 23-01: Ryan Thomas for 3RT Sand Mine. Requesting a Special Exception for a major mining operation pursuant to Sec. 50-719; Mining and excavation of minerals, or natural resources, and site reclamation of the Levy County Land Development Code to allow a sand mine (no blasting) on approximately 1,100 acres (includes mine property and access to CR 337) of land located in Section 35, Township 12 S, Range 17 E, Levy County Florida. These parcels are located in Agriculture/Rural Residential (A/RR) Land Use and Zoning district. Parcel Number(s) 0359701600, 0359700400, 0359700000, 0359700300, 0360400600, 0360400000, 036040040B, 036040040A, 0360400400, 0360400500, 0360600500, 0360600300, 0360600000, 0359400000, and 0359200000.The applicant has requested a continuation to a date uncertain to evaluate the Planning Commission conditions with his project. This item will be continued.

[All 22 draft conditions]
All 22 draft conditions

These appear to be the 22 draft conditions from the Levy County Planning Commission about the proposed Special Exception for the 3RT Sand Mine. See also PDF.

Draft Conditions from the Planning Commission to the BoCC on SE 23-01 3RT Sand Mine

  1. The applicant shall shield lighting so as not to be a nuisance to residential neighbors.
  2. All applicable permits from the various state agencies be filed for and obtained before mining can commence and shall be maintained through the life of the mine operation and reclamation. The state permits may need to be revised with the new ingress/egress route.
  3. All development provisions in the Levy County Land Development Code will be met before pre-development begins.
  4. The applicant will get the proper ingress/egress permits from the Levy County Road Department for all allowed access points.
  5. The applicant shall pay all applicable impact fees associated with this use prior to commencing operation and establish the required reclamation bond.
  6. Buffer description and details will need to be incorporated on the construction plans.
  7. The mining activity related to trips will be limited to 75 one-way (i.e 150 round trips per day).
  8. No backfill of the mined area will be allowed using offsite imported materials.
  9. The applicant must follow Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for dust control including the use of water trucks within the mine and along the access drive.
  10. Hours of Operation will be 7am -6pm Monday-Friday.
  11. There will be no staging or queueing on any public right of way. All staging or queueing must happen within the applicant’s property at a location which is located away from any residential structure.
  12. Meet all FWC and DEP Threatened and Endangered Species guidelines and regulations for habitat protection and restoration.
  13. No processing of materials will occur on the site other than excavating and loading of materials. No washing or screening of the materials will be allowed.
  14. A mining and reclamation plan shall be prepared and implemented which provides for a maximum active mining area of 20 acres and completed mining area shall be reclaimed by reestablishment of vegetative cover as soon as feasible or within a maximum of three month. The completed area shall be returned to agricultural production.
  15. No rock and clay extraction will be allowed on this parcel and the applicant must adhere to the excavation plan submitted and approved.
  16. Signs warning travelers on C-337 of the facilities access point shall be installed and shall include flashing lights during operating hours or other methods as deemed appropriate by the County Road Department. The cost of the signs and maintenance of them shall be paid for by the applicant.
  17. Warrants for the installation of auxiliary lanes (acceleration, deceleration, and left turn lane shall be investigated.
  18. The applicant shall explore and utilize OSHA approved alternatives to the back-up warning audible when technically feasible.
  19. Mining operations shall be completed within 45 years unless the Special Exception is amended.
  20. The entrance connection to C-337 shall be paved for a minimum distance of 1500 feet from the edge of C-337 to minimize dust and soil tracking at the connection.
  21. The trucks entering and exiting the mine shall only utilize the C-337 access connection. LCR-103 shall not be utilized for access for the mine.
  22. Other conditions as assigned by the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners based on public participation

Thanks to Laura Parks Catlow for sending this draft.

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