Proposed prohibition of mining in certain Levy County zones 2023-08-07

Update 2023-08-14: Levy county sand mine petition 2023-08-11.

Going for code changes to prohibit mining in relevant zones seems like a good tactic.

[Letter, Map to Rainbow Springs, Map to Suwannee River]
Letter, Map to Rainbow Springs, Map to Suwannee River

This is a cover letter for a packet of materials sent to the Levy County Commission.

I’m told the packet included the WWALS letter about Levy County 3RT Sand Mine is in Springshed of Rainbow Springs 2023-07-23.

Yaylisis Perera
Bronson, FL 32621

Levey County Board of County Commissioners

Subject: Serious Impact on Health and Well-being of Our Community Due to Proposed Mine in Residential Area and Prohibition of Mining in Ag/RR and F/RR.

Dear Levy County Board of County Commissioners,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as a deeply concerned citizen about the well-being and future of our beloved community. The purpose of this letter is to address an issue of utmost importance directly affecting the health and quality of life of those residing in this residential area.

Undoubtedly, the proposal to establish a mine in our community has caused unease and distress among residents. While economic development is vital for the progress of any locality, we cannot ignore the potentially devastating consequences it could have on the health of our fellow citizens.

Throughout this missive, I aim to emphasize and substantiate ten compelling reasons that illustrate the serious drawbacks of hosting a mine in a residential area, with a particular focus on its detrimental effects on our community’s health. It is my hope that by fully understanding the implications of this initiative, the necessary measures will be taken to protect and preserve the health of those who call this place home.

Below, I present the ten reasons that underscore the negative impact on our community’s health if a mine is established in a residential area:

  1. Air Quality: Mines generate a significant amount of dust and fine particles in the air, leading to increased air pollution and potential respiratory problems for nearby residents.
  2. Water Contamination: The mining process releases toxic chemicals, such as cyanide and heavy metals, which can seep into local aquifers and contaminate the drinking water supply, posing health risks to inhabitants.

    [Map: 3RT Sand Mine site to Rainbow Springs]
    Map: 3RT Sand Mine site to Rainbow Springs
    in the WWALS map of the Suwannee River Water Trail

  3. Risk of Respiratory Diseases: Chronic exposure to dust and harmful particles from the mine can elevate the incidence of respiratory illnesses, such as asthma and bronchitis, particularly affecting children and the elderly.
  4. Dermatological Issues: Contact with certain chemicals used in mining can cause skin irritation and allergies among residents living in proximity to the mine.
  5. Cancer Risk: The release of carcinogens like arsenic and mercury increases the likelihood of developing cancer in the population exposed to mining pollution.
  6. Sleep Disturbances: Mining operations can generate constant noise and vibrations, negatively impacting sleep quality and the mental health of individuals residing in the area.
  7. Psychological Stress: The presence of a nearby mine can create an atmosphere of uncertainty and concern in the community, leading to adverse effects on residents’ mental health.
  8. Property Value Decline: Proximity to a mine can significantly reduce the value of neighboring properties, causing economic hardship for homeowners and hindering community mobility.
  9. Impact on Biodiversity: The destruction of the natural environment to make way for the mine affects local flora and fauna, disrupting ecosystems and adversely affecting the surrounding environment’s health.

    [Map: Levy County, Rainbow Springs, and the Suwannee River]
    Map: Levy County, Rainbow Springs, and the Suwannee River
    in the WWALS map of the Suwannee River Water Trail

  10. Accidents and Disasters: Mines are prone to severe accidents, such as the heavy traffic from the dump trucks in a two-way road, the close proximity of the Sabal Trail Pipeline, jeopardizing the lives and safety of residents nearby.

[Map: Sabal Trail Pipeline, Levy County, FL]
Map: Sabal Trail Pipeline, Levy County, FL
in the map of the Sabal Trail pipeline by Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE)

I sincerely appreciate your attention to this highly relevant matter and kindly request that you carefully consider the contents of this letter in making informed and responsible decisions that safeguard the well-being of the community you represent. I hope you will consider the Prohibition of Mining in Ag/RR and F/RR zones, as a resident that has already experienced the mining operations first hand. Becoming a prisoner of my own home due to the amount of dust produce, the noise level experience and the vibrations in such close proximity to the Sabal Trail Pipe line over a dust road, which put me and my family in imminent threat.

Yours sincerely,

Yaylisis Perera

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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