Sabal Trail avoid sensitive karst regions –Hamilton County FL Commission to FERC

Last Friday a resolution to FERC saying the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline should avoid sensitive karst limeston regions affecting water resources passed the Hamilton County, Florida Commission.

Joyce Marie Taylor has added the following to her article in the Suwannee Democrat 25 August 2014, Hamilton fights back against Sabal Trail pipeline,

A special meeting was called on Friday, Aug. 22, and the board voted to pass Resolution 14-10 that expressed their concerns about the proposed pipeline route across the Withlacoochee River that forms the western boundary of Hamilton County.

A portion of the resolution states, “This board is particularly concerned for proposed wetland and stream crossings that may impact special aquatic sites.”

The resolution also states that the board has no opposition to the installation of pipelines that support Florida’s economy, however, they recommend the pipeline route be reconsidered to avoid sensitive karst regions that can have a significant impact on the water resources in the area.

The resolution is being sent to Mericle, as well as the Congressional Delegation, the State Legislative Delegation for Hamilton County and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, that’s Chris Mericle, who spoke to the Hamilton County Commission last Tuesday about where the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline is proposed to cross the Withlacoochee River. He is the local host for the September WWALS Outing on the Withalacoochee and Suwannee Rivers, where you can come float past that same area Sunday 21 September, and see many local springs, sinkholes and shoals that need to be protected from that pipeline.


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