Valdosta in Moultrie discussing flooding Saturday

Did the Withlacoochee River floods the Valdosta City Council all the way to Moultrie to discuss a levee? A levee proposed by the Army Corps of Engineers is top of Valdosta’s retreat agenda tomorrow and Sunday, 10-11 January 2014, at Sundown Farms Plantation, 894 Mack Dekle Road, Moultrie, GA 31768.

Joe Adgie wrote for the VDT 8 January 2014, Valdosta City Council retreating in Moultrie,

The number one issue listed by the council for the current year involves funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for a levee and pump proposal.

According to the city, USACE has recommended a levee to handle the city’s flooding problems that follow heavy rains.

These levees would not prevent floods, but would reduce the “depth and duration” of floods, according to the city and USACE.

Here’s video of the Corps’ presentation to the 6 May 2014 City Work Session, the slides they used, and Valdosta City Council Tim Carroll saying “A levee by itself is not the answer.”

More details here.