Grassy Pond opened to public by Moody AFB

A sinkhole lake like a state park, run by a local Air Force Base, is now open to the public.

Dave Miller, WALB, 14 January 2015, Moody AFB opens Grassy Pond to the public,

LAKE PARK, GA (WALB)—Moody Air Force Base announced Tuesday that Grassy Pond in Lake Park, an affiliate of Moody, is now open to the public for daily enjoyment.

For decades, Grassy Pond has catered to military personnel, retirees and their family members, but in an effort to build community relations, the Air Force approved Moody’s request to grant public access to the facility.

This 500 acre recreational area is similar to a state park with cabins, RV sites, tent sites, group shelters, a recreational boat area, nature trails, grills and other amenities.

Grassy Pond has its own facebook page.

Moody AFB’s own web page about Grassy Pond notes:

The major fishing area offers a variety of accommodations and activities for guests such as a boat launch for personal boats, equipment rentals and fishing contests. Moody welcomes all visitors from South GA, North FL and surrounding counties. Park entry is FREE for DoD cardholders and $5 per vehicle up to six people, and $2 per each additional person and for the public….

Location: 5360 Grassy Pond Dr.
Lake Park, GA 31636*
Phone: (229) 559-5840
Hours of Operation
9 am – 5 pm Daily

And let’s not forget Grassy Pond is a sinkhole and has smaller sinkholes around it. Yet another example of why building a pipeline through our fragile karst limestone aquifer would be a bad idea. Grassy Pond is about three miles uphill from the Withlacoochee River, the same river Sabal Trail proposes to cross with its yard-wide pipeline.